How Geek Are You

There a alot of nerds and geeks out there. I think we need to find out just how many geeks we are really dealing with. Geeks are those who know way tooo many useless and uninteresting facts that they really shouldn't know. Nerds are more balanced in there stupidness.

Are you a geek or a NERD. Find out here if you have what it takes to be a geek.So have fun and see what it is you are made of. ARE you made of GEEK or are you made of NERD

Created by: Rebecca
  1. How many planets are there?
  2. The quadratic equation is:
  3. An astrocyte is a kind of?
  4. H20 stands for what?
  5. PhD stands for what
  6. A fart is made up of what gas primarily.
  7. There are how many standar amino acids?
  8. What math does sin, cos ,tan come from?
  9. The derivative of 4x^2 +5x+4
  10. Who was the sixteenth president of the U.S
  11. When you hear "Glycolysis" you think of?
  12. Rosalind Franklind did what?
  13. How many pairs chromosomes to humans have
  14. MCAT stand for what?

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Quiz topic: How Geek am I