Are you a geek?

Have you ever wondered...if you're a geek? I mean you're friends will never tell you, "You are such a Geek." If you want to stop that wondering...then Take this quiz, to find out the truth...

Are YOU a Geek? Do you believe you may be a geek, and you don't even know it?Have you ever wondered? in just in a couple of'll soon find out if you are a Geek or not...

Created by: insane Kiwi
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. You're mom tells you to go clean you're room, you...
  2. What subject in school do you lack in?
  3. You're dared to bunjee jump off mount Everest, you say...
  4. Some bullies say you're a geek, you react to...
  5. What is you're fav TV show?
  6. A fire burst's out, you react..
  7. Why did you take this quiz?
  8. What is you're dream hair style?
  9. What is you're fav color?
  10. Do you eat cheese?

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Quiz topic: Am I a geek?