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This is a quiz about The Greatest Cruiser Weight Ever, Gregory Helms. Test your knowledge on the Superstar. Find out just how much you really do know about the man. It will ask questions from his days as Sugar Shane, The Hurricane, and Gregory Helms.

Who is the Greatest Gregory Helms fan out there? Take the quiz and find out. It covers information from his WCW and WWE days. It will ask questions from his days as Sugar Shane, The Hurricane, and Gregory Helms.

Created by: Shellylenay of www,gregoryhelms.com
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  1. What candy bar does Gregory eat before his matches?
  2. Which person and Gregory Shane Helms NOT been a tag team partner with.
  3. Which belt did Sugar Shane NOT win.
  4. What comic book symbol is on Gregory's arm?
  5. Sugar Shane Helms was a stunt man in what movie?
  6. Which characters below has Gregory Shane Helms held the Cruiser Weight title as?
  7. Which line below has Helms achieved?
  8. How man amateur gold medals did Gregory win?
  9. Which first did Gregory NOT do?
  10. What can Gregory not stand to wrestle without?
  11. What state is Gregory from?
  12. First city to ever chant "Hurricane" once he became that character?
  13. Sugar Shane Helms helped host what line below during WCW?
  14. www.gregoryhelms.com is approaching how many years online?
  15. Who has Gregory Shane Helms held the tag team titles with? Select the one below he has not held one with.
  16. What name below has Gregory not wrestled as?
  17. What grade did Shane take the SAT's?
  18. Who did Gregory Helms wrestle a match with despite having a broken nose?

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