What intelligence agency should you work for ?

Former CIA director Richard Helms once said that intelligence is the oldest still existing business in the world, the other being prostitution. While, some female agents might find that offensive, could that possibly be true? And if so, what nation(s) peform those duties the best?

What Intelligence agency do you think is best for you? Well I'll answer that for you. You will be sorted as working for either the CIA, KGB, mossad, mi6, dgse, or even the dreaded stasi. Just because the wall came down, doesn't mean the fun has to end....

Created by: jim kane
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What phyisical symbol do you feel most connected to ?
  2. How do you get an enemy agent to turn or do what you want?
  3. Where is your "backyard" or region where you truly own the block?
  4. Prefered method of assassination?
  5. How do you get and execute your orders
  6. When was your prime ?
  7. favorite drink
  8. you are best at
  9. Best spy fiction (tv, book, film) ever was..........
  10. favorite colors

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Quiz topic: What intelligence agency should I work for ?