What kind of magic would you use?

Magic, the ethereal beauty in all living things, and the core of all mythological findings and lore. Magic has been portrayed in so many ways, the world will always have a little magic, no matter who says what or whatever! :D

Question is, what magic do you revolve around? What is your inner power, unleashed only when the time is right? What kind of power resides in your soul? Let's find out, shall we?

Created by: Nico
  1. What do you think your magical affiliation is?
  2. What magic would you despise?
  3. You're part of the build crew for a school play, what is your role?
  4. If you could choose any of these pets, which would you prefer?
  5. You can have any kind of car, what kind would you like most?
  6. You're in class, when your teacher gives you a pop quiz on Napoleon, King of France. Your thoughts?
  7. Favorite color? O-o
  8. Fighting style?
  9. Best quality?
  10. Did you enjoy the quiz? What did you think you got?

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