Forever Sailing:2

Hey guys!(: Thanks for reading. My part one was confusing to some people because it was missing a whole paragraph! Apparently my computer spazzed or something so sorry:( hope you like this one!

Thanks for reading and i hope you liked it(: comment and give me ideas or just talk(: i hope you keep reading!(: Also comment. Who is you favorite charater?

Created by: adela21

  1. Ethans POV I woke up to the sun blinding my eyes. I didnt notice i had a window at all. Inside my hand was a note from Erin. She was at the fighting arena. I grabed a blue V neck some jeans and my chuck taylors. I have to thank Anna for putting in some clothes for me. I got out of my cabin and made my way to the arena.
  2. As i got to the arena Erin was fighting Tom. Everytime he tryed to hit her she doged it. Her green eyes glowing with passion. She got him to his knees. Erin won. " Good job Erin, you get the day off " Tom said getting up. She stepped out of the arena, took her armor off and caught my glance. Erin waved " Hey Ethan!" she said walking towards me " You slept late, Dinners in a hour! " She said pointing to the sun set." Oh i didnt notice " I replied. Erin and i walked back to my cabin chatting about her fighting." Look in your closet your suit is in there" Erin said. " Suit?" i asked. "There is a dance after dinner" She smiled walking into her room. Oh yeah i though.
  3. Before i got into my suit i dicided to shower. When i was done i realized Dinner was 5 minutes away from being done. I threw on my suit and ran to the Dining hall. Nobody there. In the back i heard music playing. As i walked into the back all 14 of the campers were slow dancing to " Someone like you". I looked for Erin but i couldnt find her. Then i saw her. She had a beatiful green dress on matching her eye color. Her curly hair laying on her shoulders. Smile from ear to ear. Slow dancing with someone. I didnt know.
  4. I felt sick. His hands on her hips. Her arms around his neck. She looked over to me and she had a guilty look on her face. The boy she was dancing with looked over to me too with an aggrivated look on his face. They talked and then i saw him lead her out of my sight.
  5. Erins POV " Where are we going? " i asked. But Ant didnt respond. " I wanna go talk to Ethan " I said. Ant turned around so quickly i didnt have enough time to blink. I didnt realuze what he did until i felt the pain. I fell back. Ant just stabbed me with a knife in my stomach." Have fun with your boyfriend now " He said coldly. Then he took off. The worst part is he can fly. I feel so horrible. "This is how i will die" i said.
  6. Ethans POV i almost took off to go look for them until Anna stopped me. She was with some man who i didnt know. " Ethan this is Ben he will prepare you for your quest. We already picked your partner. Its Erin" Anna said. " Thank you and nice to meet you Ben but i have to go" I said following Erins footsteps. Until i saw her. Not breathing on the ground.
  7. " Erin?! " i said and held her in my arms. How can something so perfect and beatiful feel so lifeless? I tryed CPR but it didnt work. I finally faced the fact that she was dead. I kissed her forehead and picked her up in my arms. She was so helpless. Until i remebered my power.
  8. " Erin hold on " i said. Whoever stabbed her did it right about where he belly button is. I lifted up her shirt so i could just see the cut and she wasnt exposed. I put my hands on her cut. Nothing happened.
  9. But little had i noticed Bens hands were on her too. I looked at him. " Im a healer too " He said. Then all of a sudden Anna comes running up to us and asks me to carry Erin to her office. I didnt realized that she ment the "Directors" office. I put Erin down on a couch and held her hand. " What happened? " i asked. " Ant he stabb- AHH!" she screamed. Her cut was re-appearing.And she was starting to leave me again.
  10. " He posined the knife " Ben said. " Only the strongest healing will work". Erin looked at me gripping onto whatever chance she had. I put my hands to her cut. A little shimmer thats it. Ben joined me. The cut turned gold and healed. " Will it stay? " I asked. The cut only semi came back. I put my hands on her and it went away. " Do you mind staying up and watching her? " Ben asked. "I dont mind" I replied. Erin mouthed the words: Please dont. I smiled and wiped the hair out of her face. I carried her to my room. And layed her down. Her eyelashes fluttered close and she began to sleep.

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