Forever Sailing

Also big thank you to: Teresa22 she helped me alot and i wannabsay thank you.Go read her quizzes! There awesome(: she is really ahmazing and a great friend(:

Also the name of this quiz may not make sense yet but dont give up reading it! Forever Sailing will come up soon. And comment if you have any ideas or anything(:

Created by: adela21

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  1. Ethans POV  i walked onto the bus. I could feel eveyones eyes staring me down. I looked down and focased on my chuck taylors. Then BAM! My face goes straight into the ground. "Dork" i heard someone yell. Everyone laughed. I grabbed my backpack i was carring and stood up. I was practly taller than everyone. Standing at 5'11. As i.         I  got up some girls screamed. Blood ran to my lip and i figured i had a bloody nose. " Kid go to the nurse, you'll have to leave" the bus driver said.
  2. I made my way to the nurses office and went to the bathroom. I looked at myself. Shaggy blonde hair, Glowing blue eyes, Tan skin. Blood on my nose and face. I stared at the sink. " Dammit! Why does this always happen to me?!?" I yelled and knocked over a basket of colorful band-aids. I put my hand to my face and looked up. The blood was gone, and so was the pain. The last thing i saw was the nurses reflection in the mirror. With a shocked look at me and grabbing me.
  3. I was on a bus. With the nurse. In the middle of nowhere. " Where the hell am i?! I asked. " Camp " She relpiled. I looked around and saw a small office labeled " Directors " and to the left three huge cabins. The first, labeled " Flying " was psined a deep sky blue and had wings all over it. The second, labeled " Fighting " was pained all in camo. It also had weapons all over it. The third, labeled " Healing " was plain white and completly empty. I have a strange feeling i will be staying there.
  4. " Get out of the bus and just walk around...and dont get yourself killed" the nurse said. I walked until i saw a fighting arena right behind the "FIGHTING" cabin. Then in the arena i see this girl around my age,15. He brown curls just draped her sholders. Her green eyes glowed as she ran her sword through a dummys chest. " Anyone else wanna challenge Erin?" A guy asked. " I will " i heard myself say.
  5. Erin dragged me into an alley type thing. She stood so close i could feel her heart beat. " Can i see your cut again? " She asked gently. She seemed so different in the arena. Back there she was so tough but her she was so....vulerable. "Sure" i lifted up my shirt and where the cut used to be was replaced with a glod scar. She touched my skin. Her fingers warm against me.
  6. I looked down at my bed and just collasped with tiredness. "What a werid day"
  7. Erins POV As the dinner bell rang i walked to Ethans room. Ethan looked as if he had been sleeping for hours. His fingers just tracing the outer edge of his bed when i moved them towards him. " Goodnight sleepy head ". I smiled and walked to the dining hall.
  8. As i approach the dining hall ( with is right next to the three cabins ) My friend Ant stopped me. " Hey let me walk you to the dining hall " He smiled. " Im fine thank you " I replied. " Too bad " He said coodly and slipped his hand in mine. He had felt horrible filled with scars and probly havent been washed in days. When we got to the Dining hall the smell that filled the room was wonderful. There was also one long table through the middle of the room. Filled with all the campers. 14 on total. Well now 15 with ethan." Ethan fell asleep he wont be eating tonight" I said to Anna. " Fine but you know what happens when we get new campers " Anna said. " I know, i know.." i replied.
  9. "As most of you know" Anna started " We found a healer". All i heard were mumbles. " Every new camper must go on a quest with a partner but since Ethan isnt here this dinner we shall pick his partner tomorrow" Anna finished. " But the dance is tomorrow!" Somebody shouted. I totally forgot. The new year dance has been postponed to tomorrow." We know we will make this work " Anna smiled pointing to Tom. " Dinner is over back to your cabins" Tom shouted. And off we went.
  10. I walked back to the " Healing " cabin and ethan was still asleep. Tomorrows friday so i have fighting classes. I wriote a little note for Ethan: " If you need me ill be at the Fighting arena(: -Erin " I put the note in his hand and scurried off to bed. But someone grabbed my sholders and pulled me to an empty room.
  11. " ANT?!!?? What was that for?!?" I screamed. " Your coming to the dance with me " He said harsly while grabbing my arm. " I am going to ask ethan " I said. He tightened his grip on my arm. " Your hurting me! "Even tighter. " Okay! Ok ill go to the dance with you just please, let go of me" I asked. Ant walked out the room with a smirk on his face. I slid down the wall and looked at my arm, its all red. And i am going to the dance with ant. What a horrible end to this day.

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