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See how well you remember some of the greatest moments of the past 60 years of Cubs baseball on WGN-TV! For the complete story on all these subjects, make sure to watch "Cubs Forever: Celebrating 60 Years of WGN-TV and the Cubs" on Sunday, April 20 at 6pm.

Think you're a Cubs super fan? Do you know Cubs history better than you know your own kids? Take the Cubs Forever quiz to see how deep your dedication lies.

Created by: Ryan

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  1. Don Cardwell's 1960 no-hitter in his first start after being traded to the Cubs came against which team?
  2. Which pitcher gave up Sammy Sosa's 62nd home run in 1998?
  3. Who did Rick Sutcliffe strike out to end the 1984 Cubs clincher in Pittsburgh?
  4. Which memorable Cub home run was given up by Pat Jarvis?
  5. Who was the catcher for Kerry Wood's 20 strikeout game?
  6. Who holds the unofficial record for fastest performance of the 7th inning stretch at 22 seconds?
  7. Who fielded the last ground ball of Ken Holtzman's 1969 no-hitter and has been kidded about it ever since?
  8. Whose homer put the Cubs on the board first in the 1998 Wild Card game?
  9. Whose ceremonial day at Wrigley Field in 1969 ended with a strikeout and a standing ovation?
  10. Who was the home plate umpire for Milt Pappas' 1972 no-hitter and near-perfect game?
  11. What was Jack Brickhouse's signature home run call?
  12. What interrupted Ryne Sandberg's first at-bat in the 8/8/88 first Wrigley Field night game?
  13. Which Cub hit three home runs in the 23-22 loss to the Phillies in 1979?

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