What Cubs player are you???

My quiz is about which Chicago Cubs player are you! It is very simple asking you what kind of batter/ fielder are you during a baseball game and what decisions you would make during the game! This is a chance to find out which one of your favorite players you relate to!

Which Chicago Cubs player are you....well you can find out on this quiz! Just answer the following questions and you will find out! Don't be all mad if you don't get who you wanted but just move on! Have Fun

Created by: Braden
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What postion do you play! (If you dont' play any then just pick 1)
  2. What league do you like better???
  3. When your up to bat do you like to......
  4. Which salary would you rather have???
  5. Whats your favorite number???
  6. Good with the glove???
  7. Great with the stick??? (Let's not be perverted here)
  8. Power or Accuracy
  9. Diving catch or nice simple catch
  10. Would you charge the mound!!!

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Quiz topic: What Cubs player am I???