Demigod Love Story Part 6

Okay guys I am so so so sorry! It took forever to get out there, I was busy ALL SUMMER LONG!! It explains everything in question 1. Please please forgive kme!! I know im a terrible person!DX

Im seriously so sorry, I know your sick of hearing it and although I recap in question 1 heres another from part 5. *RECAP* You and Nick chased after Evan to help him on his quest and once you found him, you were faced by The Antiasts leader. A familiar face.

Created by: ilyvolleyball

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  1. First of all, before I start Part 6, I want to apologize so many times, youll be sick of hearing it. I am so sorry I havent posted all summer, the end of my school year was very, very hectic and my friend that lives in Wyoming spent the first month of summer visiting, tthen I went there for the rest. I was supposed to be back on June 22nd but I missed my flight and had to wait another week, and I thought it would be very rude to update quizes while I was with her since i only get to see her over the summer. Then, when I got home I had so little time to start preparing for school. So, I am deeply sorry to my fans.
  2. Now, a little Recap. Withina week you have: discovered youre a demigod, been claimed as the child of Hades, kissed two different guys, chased one and now are in the hands of the Antiast leader.
  3. "Your Sarah!" you say. She just smiles and looks at Evan acid tinging her voice as she talks. "Oh, so you told her about me? How sweet." she sneered. Evan wouldnt meet her gaze. "No. Anthony did." you said, with acid all your own slipping of your tongue as you spat the words at her. But you couldnt help but wonder what Evan would have to tell you about her. Sarah laughed, a genuine chuckle tht seemed so odd coming from such a cruel person, then again, as genuine as it was, it was also very cruel, hinting with the acid she laced everything about hernin. Her light smoky eyes were so unlike yours, though the same shade, he sleek black hair looked like drkness spilling past her shoulders, her pale skin glowed with evil. "That godawful Apollo boy is still obsessing over me? Jeez, once I take over the world, I'll have to set him straight wont I?" SHe said. It was probably meant to be light hearted, but with a heart as dark as hers, lightheartedness didnt exist.
  4. Sarah's laugh echoed around you. Then, you realized it wasnt her laugh, her followers had joined in. There were three of them, all guys older than you, maybe 17. They were also tall, and buff, they had swords in there hands, which one guy was still holding to your neck and the other two had spaced evenly between Evan, Nick, and Chris. They also had bows and arrows strapped to their backs, indicating, if you guys ran, you still woulnt be in the clear. Run. 'I could run,' you thought. 'Distract them from the others and we could all make a break for it.' It was risky, but the archers could miss, if they shot. You tried to cacth Evan's eye, to inform him of your plan but he wouldnt look at you. You looked the other way, contemplating just taking off and hoping they understood to run too. "Looking for an escape route?" Sarah asked, wickedly. She reminded you of the Wicked Witch of the West from Wizard Of Oz. Minus the green skin and terrible blemish. "You wont find one."She claimed. "These boys are good with swords for sure, but their specialty is arrows. Theyre the best archers in the world." She was bragging. But someone cut her boasting short. "Think again." A familiar voice said, an arrow whizzing over your head.
  5. The arrow peirced the leg of the guy with his sword to your neck, causing him to fall and drop his sword and yours, both of which you picked up, throwing his out of reach, should he stand. You also kicked him onto his stomache and tossed his arrows to Anthony, who had appeared just in time. You could only hope Evan and Nick were in action because you didnt have time to check on them. Your gaze held Sarah's, but she was still smiling as she unsheathed her sword. It was so unlike yours, maybe your father never gave her one. Within moments, the loud clash of metal on metal stung in your ears. Your first sword fight. Your subconsious mind knew what to do in this situation. "I see daddy gave you a present. I got rid of mine." She said. "Had this one specially made." Which would explain why it was so off balance. She faltered often without noticing, a double step on one foot, the slight adjustement of her hand on the hilt. Soon enough you were able to knock it from her hands. "Maybe you need a new blacksmith." you said, the tip of your sword at her neck.
  6. No fear shone in her eyes despite the fact your sharp sword almost peirced her skin. She only smiled. "It sure is a shame to Camp Godlovers that your a good swordfighter. I mean what with the Hades Curse and all." She teased. You had watched enough lame B-movies to know what she was up to. Stalling, she thought she could trick you into giving her a few moments to slip away. But it was tempting. "What is Hades' Curse?" You asked. "Andromeda. You cant be stupid. Ever wonder why there are no Hades campers at that place?" She said. "Are you going to tell me or leave me in the dark?" You asked, not letting her get to you. The sound behind you of metal on metal reminded you the guys were still battling. "So, have you figured out your powers yet?" She asked. It was your turn to falter. Powers? Noone told you about any powers. She smiled wickedly and clenched her hand into a fist. You looked down and saw the sickening black tendrils emerge from the cracks of the sidewalk. You screamed and looked up to see Sarah was gone. You had messed up. You let her trick you. You took your sword away, let your guard down.
  7. Anthony ran over to you and whispered in Greek, how you knew it was Greek, you werent positive of but, whatever he said, it made the tendrils recede. "You alright?" He asked, you nodded, clearly shaken though. He was about to comfort you when Evan shouted: "Come on! We need to go!" Anthony pulled you along with the group until Evan led you guy to a small Motel with the T blinking out. You noticed that Chris was limping, and a dark stain had tarnished his left pant leg. It looked as though his calf was bleeding. Evan checked in and you all went into a small room with two full beds with a crisp, ugly, green, flowery comforter. Chris went straight to the sink and rolled up his pant sleeve. You looked away. Evan and Nick were also injured, Evan had the tip of an arrow in the bicep, which he mustve broke the rest of off. Nick had a cut on his cheek just above his jawline. And now that the adrenaline no longer coursed through your veins, you felt a pain in your shoulder. You dug the tip of the arrow out of Evans arm, and cleaned his and nick wound. Apparently, Sarah was a best sword fighter than you thought, you'd beat her up a lot but she had precision. She got you just above your armpit where your arm connected to your body, if her sword was balanced, she wouldve gotten your neck.
  8. "Hey," You approached Anthony. "Are you okay?" You asked. "No." He replied. "Whered they hurt you?" You asked, sitting beside him, looking him over. You didnt see any wounds, but maybe he was hiding them. He looked you right in the eye, the look in his, broke your heart. "They didnt hurt me, Andromeda." He spoke with acid, but not the same kind as Sarah, it wasnt anger, or cruelty. He was hurt. "Anthony.." You started. "Chris probably needs your help. He was right. You entered the small bathroom, and were overcome with the metallic scent of blood, so thick you could taste it. Chris was sitting on the closed toilet seat, holding a pristine, white towel to his calf, blood was soaking through it. You gave him some ambrosia and he took it. Your healing arm throbbed a bit when you placed pressure on Chris' leg. You ripped up the cheap towel and soaked it then wrapped the pieces tighly around his leg. You noticed a few of his fingers were swollen, probably broken. He needed actual medical attention. When you walked back into the room, Chris sat on the bed. "He needs to got back." You said, despite Chris' protests, everyone decided someone should take him back. You loved the ide until everyone decided you should be the one to return with him.
  9. "No!" You shout, causing everyone to flinch. "No, Im not going back." Everyone exchanged glances. "Its dangerous, Andromeda. We all want to safe." Nick said. "No!" You repeated. The room fell silent. "Why not?" Anthony breaks the silence. All eyes fell on him. "Why does that matter?" You asked. "Well, Im sure you have plenty of reasons on why you should stay, but why wont you go back?" he asked. He was right, you were prepared more to argue to STAY tha you were to simply just not go back. But you had a better reason than any to not go back. "What do I have to go back to?" You said, everyone looked confused. "All of you have fathers that arent disgraceful. And you have family there. Evan and Chris have eachother, Anthony, you have a bunch of brothers and sisters and Nick you have your siblings and that godawful.. Hiorse! Nick! Your horse!" You exclaimed. Nick stood. "No! Im not going back." He said. "what horse..?" Evan asked. You explained Areyes and how much safer and smarter it would be for Nick to take Chris back. Nick looked resentful and you apologized, but he couldnt disagree. You were right.
  10. Nick and Chris were going to get rest before they left the next morning. Evan and Chris shared a bed and you shared one with Anthony. Nick insisted sleeping on the floor because he was used to it. By the sound of evryines breathing, you could tell you were the only one awake, which is probably why you were so suprised when Anthony said your name. You flinched. "Yeah?" You replied. "Whyd you leave me?" His voice cracked and he reminded you of your little brother, who you had tesed for goin through puberty last time you saw him. You hadnt given your family much thought during all this. "Whats today/" You asked. He was silent for so long you thought hed fallen asleep. It didnt matter anyway. The school wouldve informed your mom of your dissapearance. "May 25th." Anthony said. 'Anthony. im sorry I left you, I was frightened and hurt and I panicked okay?" You said. He was quiet for a moment longer. "Andromeda?" He said groggily. "Yeah?" You relpied. He was quiet for more moments. You looked at the alarm clock. Almost 3 in the morning. Had it been dark during the fight? It had. You were under a street light possibly you thought it was- "I love you." The words stopped your thoughts.
  11. CLIFFHANGER!! In case you didnt know, Anthony said that. (: Again, I would like to apologize. i feeel so terrible! I hope the fans who have kept up with this series havent left due to the inconvienience. Thank you guys so much.
  12. I would also like to inform you that I will be updating my s(HE) be(LIE)ve(D) series and possibly, later down the line, start A Vampire Academy Love Story seriedd. Until then, those like me, who were dying for one, check out Freeze's. Mine will not be like hers but hers is amazing!

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