Forever Sailing:5

Heyy! So this part came to me in like two day(: which is pretty good. This part is kinda a shocker so don't get too upset(: also Erin and Ethans full names get reveled! Cool so yaa let's get starteddd!

Ethan- Shaggy blonde hair. Blue eyes the color of the ocean. Tall. 16 Erin- Curly brown hair. Glowing green eyes. Medium height. 16 Anna- Dark brown hair. Brown eyes. Tall. 26. Ben- Curly brown hair. Green/Blue eyes. Tall. 25. Tom- Brown hair. Blue eyes. Short. 32. Griffin- Sleek black hair. Violet/Blue eyes. Tall. 21. Emma- Curly blonde hair. Brown eyes. Short. 16.

Created by: adela21

  1. Ethans POV Allright tonight is the dance. And I'm going with Emma. Wonderful. I grabbed a collared black T-Shirt and a white tie and some jeans. Then I heard a vibration. From: Emma Hey! I'm ready when you are(: I responded and made my way up to her room. " Come in " I heard Emma scream as I knocked on the door. Emma was dressed in a bright purple mini dress, as if she were going to a club. " You look nice " I lied. " You do too! " She said. I held out my arm and walked her to the dance.
  2. When I got to the dance Erin and Griffin were already there. Emma was wearing a flowing white dress. And I don't know what Griffin was wearing because I didn't want to look at him. " Ready to dance?! " She asked. I nodded as ' Sexy and I know it ' came on. Emma looked like a bad word. And she danced like a bad word too. " Having fun? " She asked." Yup " I said. Suddenly I felt a tap on my sholders. I turned and saw Erin. " I think I saw Ant " She whispered in my ear.
  3. Erins POV Ethans face turned white when I told him that. " Excuse me but who are you ? " Some girl asked me. She was dancing with Ethan. " His best friend " I explained. " Well I'm his girlfriend so you should GTFO " She said grabbing ahold of Ethan. I was hurt. I ran onto the top deck and just stood there until I heard someone saw. " Hi Erin "
  4. It was Ant. " What Is wrong with you?! " I screamed. " Whats wrong with me?" He asked " Look at you, making out with a 21 year old and then trying to win Ethan back " He said. And then I saw Ethan run up the staris. Ant raised his hands and a invisable barrier when over where Ant and I were. I was trapped. " Erin! " Ethan screamed. " Calm down, Shes perfectly fine with me. " Ant said. Then all of a sudden ' Someone like you ' came on." Let's finish what I started. " Ant said.
  5. Ant put his hands on my hips and forced my arms around his neck. Everytime I looked towards Ethan, Ant would snap my head back to look at him. For all I know Ethan was calling Ben. And I was doomed.
  6. Ethans POV " Okay Ben, I will thanks bye " I said and shut my phone. Ben said to distract Ant from Erin by using me. " Hey Ant why don't you pick on someone your own size " I yelled. He smirked but wouldn't take his eyes off Erin. " Face it she hates you, always did, Always will. " I yelled. Ant turned towards me. " Shut your mouth before I do it for you " Ant said. " Besides you have your own girl " Ant said pointing to Emma who was running up the staris. Her mascara was smugged and her eyes were red. " How could you blow me off like that?! " Emma screamed. I tryed to speak but she cut me off. " Save it for tomarrow " Emma said flipping her hair on her face. " At least I can pick up girls unlike you who has to kidnap them. " I said. Ant came running at me. He grabbed my neck but I was too slow to get a hold of him so, I kicked him in the balls. Then he dissapered.
  7. " The hell?!!? Erin are you okay? " I asked. The invisable barrier was gone so I ran up to her." Who are you? " She asked.
  8. " What do you mean? It's Ethan " I said putting my hand on her arm. She backed away at the touch. " I don't know you. Where am I?!? " She screamed. " Erin, your on a cruise. I'm Ethan, your friend " I said calmly. " Prove it " She said. " I have my camera in our room " I gestured her to come. " I am not going anywhere with you " Erin said coldly.
  9. " What do you last remeber? " I asked. " Ben, Anna,Tom and I were eating breakfast, Talking about my fighting skills. " Erin said. " Do you want to talk to Ben? " I asked. She nodded her head and I gave her my phone. " Ben? Where am I? What's going on?! " Erin was getting teary eyed. "No I can't remeber! We were having breakfast and now I'm on a freaking ship! " Erin was startingv to sob. Then her eyes widened. " No Ben, I don't have that. " She said sternly. " Your lying . " She said coldly. " Why didn't he tell me? " She said handing the phone to me. Ben told me Erin had a problem that when she has too much stress she loses memory. She had just lost a year of her life. " Can she get it back? " I asked. He said yes but it could take a while. I hung up the phone. Erin was sitting on the ground hugging her legs. I kelt down beside her. " Erin? Can you tell me everything about you? " I asked. She nodded. " My full name is Eryagon Marie Fuller. But people call me Erin. I am 15 years old. " She said. " Your 16 now " I added. " 16 years old. My mother is dead. My father is in the army. I got sent to camp when I was 13. " She finished. I smiled and saw that she was yawning. I grabbed her hand but she backed away. " Ill lead you too your room " I said.
  10. " Why are we on a ship? " She asked. " An old friend of yours stabbed you and we are trying to catch him " I said unlocking to door. " Who was it? " She asked. " Ant. " I said. She didn't seem to respond which meant she didn't remeber him. I pointed to which door was hers and she scurried into the room, no questions asked. I went in my room and ran my hands through my hair. ' She doesn't remeber me ' I thought. I diecided to take a shower and get my mind off things. I thought it was funny because when I took a shower my hair sorta looked like Justin biebers. But obisouly my hair is better. All I could do was put on some shorts before I heard a knock on my door. " Its open " I said. Erin came in. I felt a little exposed because I didn't have a shirt on and I was soaking wet. Erins cheeks got flushed with color when she saw me. " Uhm.. I have a question.." She said. " Ask away " I replied " Who are you? " She asked. " Ethan Hunter Whethrige, age 16, I can heal, and the camp only found me like a week age. This is my first quest " I smiled. " Oh " She said. " I got picked to go with you? Didn't I? " She said. " Yes and a manwhore named Griffin too but he is never here. " I smiled. She giggled when I smiled. " Wanna watch a movie " I asked. She nodded and sat down on my bed. I put 'Up' in the DVD box and grabbed a shirt and put it on. " Awwh " Erin said. " I was just getting used to your abs " She added. I laughed. " But I'm cold " I said in a whiny voice. " Okay,okay you can put your shirt on " She played. " Do you want popcorn? " I asked. " Yes sir " She said mesmerized by the previews. I grabbed some popcorn and sat next to her.

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