Forever Sailing:4

Hey world! Wasss up?(: so this is part four(: It gets a bit hot at some parts so put dem sunglassess on(; haha jk(: so yah I hope you enjoy it and let's get inn!

Ethan- Shaggy blonde hair. Blue eyes the color of the ocean. Tall. 16 Erin- Curly brown hair. Glowing green eyes. Medium height. 16 Anna- Dark brown hair. Brown eyes. Tall. 26. Ben- Curly brown hair. Green/Blue eyes. Tall. 25. Tom- Brown hair. Blue eyes. Short. 32. Griffin- Sleek black hair. Violet/Blue eyes. Tall. 21. Emma- Curly blonde hair. Brown eyes. Short. 16.

Created by: adela21
  1. Ethans POV Erin was freaking out. She kept pounding on the barrier until people gave us werid stares. " This can't be happening " She pulled out her phone and dialed Bens number. " Hi Ben, WE ARE FREAKING TRAPPED ON THE TITANIC " Erin sceamed. " I heard Bens mumbling. " Yes, but I can't stay on this death ship. I am afraid of boats! " Erin said. " I came on the ship because I thought I would come back out! NOW GOODBYE! " Erin was not a happy camper.
  2. " Ethan? Are you Ethan? " I heard someone call. " Yes " I turned and saw the captian of the ship. " You have the wrong room, and who gave you these day passes? " He took our day passes and stuffed them in his pocket. " Remeber? You asked for the Cinderella Room? " He added. " Sure? " I repiled. " Come Ill lead you three to the room. He took us through the twists and turns and finally lead us to our room. " Enjoy " And he walked off.
  3. I walked in the room and all u saw was gold. To our left was a beatiful kitchen. And a small dining table. A few feet away from that was a bedroom which Griffin had already claimed. In the center was a living room with a 72 inch. Flat screen. Next to that was two doors, Erin and I bedrooms. And each bedroom had a bathroom. This is paradise. As I walked into my bedroom, as did Erin I couldn't speak. This was so beautiful. A huge king sized gold bed. A padio. A huge bathroom. And a flat screen TV. There was also a wicked wide door on the side. Because I was curious I opened it.
  4. Erins POV I was just about to get in my pajamas went a door on my wall opened to reveal Ethan. " Opps sorry, I just wanted to know what this lead to. " He said walking in. " Curiousity killed the cat " I said. He gave me a killer smile that made me melt. " Cool huh? " He said. I didn't answer. " Whats wrong? " He asked. " I just don't like boats. My mother got killed in the navy. " I managed to get out without crying. " Im sorry " He said. Pulling me into a hug. I felt my throat thighten up and my eyes getting blurry. And I started to cry.
  5. Ethans POV After a while Erin fell asleep. I tucked her into bed, and kissed her forehead. " Goodnight " I whispered. And walked back into my room.I got a little suprised when I saw Griffin standing there. " Is there like something going on between you two? " He asked. " No. " I replied. " Good because there is a moonlight dance tomarrow and I want to go with her " Griffin said. I wanted to punch him in the gut. He treated her terribly. I was shocked on what I heard next. " Go ahead " I said.
  6. I didn't fall asleep that night. I kept imagining Erin dancing with Griffin. His hands on her hips and her hands on his shoulders. All too farmilar. I wasn't even sure what Erin and I had. Whatever it was I was all about to go down the drain I thought. This is only a seven day cruise. Only six more days because the sun was rising. I put my hands to my eyes. This is a trick Ben had taught me if I was lacking sleep but put your hands over your eyes and you'll be fully rested. I heard knocked on my door. " Come in " I said. It was Erin. " Its 4 o'clock what are you doing up? " I asked. She slipped right next to me and curled up. Within 10 minutes she was fast asleep. Her eyes were bloodshot and her hair was a mess. I ran my hands through her hair to smooth it out. I did this repeadidly until I fell asleep myself.
  7. Erins POV when I woke up Ethans arm was around my waist. I carefully got up and rsn to my room. I showered and then got dressed. I found some Leggo my Eggo waffles and ate some. I could practally live my life off these. I sat on my bed and played temple run unroll I heard a knock on my door." It's open! " I said. Suprisingly I saw Griffin. " Yes? " I asked. He jumped next to me and he sat so close I could melt. " Wanna come to the dance tonight with me? " He asked. " What about Ethan? " I blurted out. " I need to show you something." He said getting out his iPhone. He went to videos and at first all I saw was Ant. " So you don't care if I stab her? " Ant asked. Then I saw Ethan. " Go ahead " He replied. But he was wearing the same thing he was last night. I think. But it doesn't matter. I hate him now.
  8. That morning was awkward. After Griffin showed me that video I agreed to go to the dance with him. And now he is taking me to go swimming. I changed into a hot pink bikini and saw Griffin waiting outside my door. " Anxious much? " I asked. " Only around you " He smiled. Then the most exeptected thing happened. He kissed me. His lips smooth against mine. " I could get used to that " I said. Then I realized Ethans door was closing. He had watched us kiss. And I didn't care. But deep down I felt guilty.
  9. Ethans POV They were kissing. Erin and Griffin. My world seemed to crumble. I heard a vibraton and went to my room. A new text. From: 774-555-0129 Hey! It's Emma from the plane(: I responed but I couldn't focas. Erin. Was she with Griffin now? How could she be with him now? We just freaking slept toghther! I kept thinking about these terrible names in my head, but deep down I knew they weren't true. Because I did have feelings for Erin. My thoughts were interupted with another vibration. From:774-555-0129 Wanna have breakfast with me? I'm all alone:( second floor. Ocean view Cafe(: Then I found myself getting dressed and meeting Emma for breakfast.
  10. I found Emma sitting at a table alone. " Hey " I said slipping in the chair next to her. " Hi " she said a little too loud. " Thanks for coming I was a little lonely. " Emma said. Her blonde curls. Were glowing from the sun. The waiter came and I ordered a coffee and a hash brown. Emma ordered a latte and some toast with nutella. " So there's a dance tonight.." She started. " Sure " I said smiling. " Really?" She looked up at me and her brown eyes were full of excitment. " Yes. I'll pick you up at 7? " I asked. " Yes here is my room number! " She handed me a piece of paper. Third Floor, 0132. " Thanks " I said by this time both off us had finished our food and Emma needed to go. I kissed her cheek. Her pale skin blushed. And I made my way up to my room.
  11. I walked up a couple flights of stairs and when I walked in Erin and Griffin were kissing again. I tryed to be quiet but when I closed the door Erin looked at me. " Can we talk? " She asked. " Sure? " I said following her into my room. Griffin went to him room because he looked very tired. " Explain this? " She asked. She showed mr s video of Snt talking and then me. It was obiously photoshoped. " What was that? " I asked. Erin was in a hot pink bathing suit top and short Jean shorts. Her hair was damp. But it was still curly. " Thats what I'd like to know? Why were you talking to Ant?" She said angrily. " I wasn't Erin, that was obiously photoshoped. " I said and replayed the video to show her what was photoshoped. She looked at me with those big green eyes. Something about her was pulling me closer. " I knew that wasn't real " She said. She as getting closer to me too but if she believed Griffin that easily I was still hurt. She went in for a kiss on the lips but I kissed her cheek insted. She looked at me confused and left. I just let my one and only chance just walk by me.

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