Forever Sailing:6

Hey! So this part came REALLY easy to me(: and i hope you like it also the patriots are going to the super bowl. You better root for dem son! Haha(: enjoyyu

Ethan- Shaggy blonde hair. Blue eyes the color of the ocean. Tall. 16 Erin- Curly brown hair. Glowing green eyes. Medium height. 16 Anna- Dark brown hair. Brown eyes. Tall. 26. Ben- Curly brown hair. Green/Blue eyes. Tall. 25. Tom- Brown hair. Blue eyes. Short. 32. Griffin- Sleek black hair. Violet/Blue eyes. Tall. 21. Emma- Curly blonde hair. Brown eyes. Short. 16.

Created by: adela21
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  1. Ethans POV After the movie ended last night. Erin remebered one memory. She saw her father at a airport. We were making progress. It was 6:00 and I couldn't fall back asleep. So I put some clothes on and quietly went out the door, I was going to apologize to Emma. Halfway there I noticed little footsteps behind me. I looked out the corner of my eyes and saw Erin tiptoeing. She was following me. And little had I noticed I made Otto Emmas door. I locked and I heard footsteps coming to the door. Emma was a wreck. Mascara still down her face and tissues everywhere. " Emma I am sorryfor everything I did wrong " I said. She just started at me. Then she started yelling. " How could you do this to me?! I am not a play toy!! " Emma looked to the side where Erin must have been hiding. " But I forgive you " She said seductivly. She pulled me in for a huge French kiss. Her legs wrapped around me feeling up my shirt. I pulled her off of me. " Go take a shower, whore. " I said and ran towards Erin. I picked her up like a princess and ran. She giggled uncontrolibly. She is so different than before. She is more immuture, cute, and more lovable.
  2. I ran towards the pool area and jumped. The water was suprisingly warm. But Erin had a shocked look on her face. " I can't swim! " She said going under. I grabbed her and moved her to the shallow end. " Ill teach you " I said smiling. And then I taught her how to swoon. She was actually pretty good at it. By the time we made it to the deep end she was doing really good. Until something happened and she grabbed on to me. " Your okay " I reasurred her. She just looked up at me and smiled. Then there was a flash. A huge crowd had formed and was watching us. Erins cheeks turned bright red and she let go of me. I helped her out of the pool and got her a towel. " Mommy are they in love? " I heard a kid ask. I wish kid, I wish.
  3. As we made our way back to the room, we found a flier on the door. ' Zumba Club open tonight only!! 8:00-11:00 '. Erin facelit up. " Do you wanna go?! " She asked full of excitment. " Sure " I smiled.
  4. Erin and I had lunch. Watched Peter pan. And when we watched Peter pan we had one of the cutesy conversations ever. " What would you do if you could fly? " Erin asked. " Steal you away, Fight the piarates.." I responed. " And..? " She said gesturing me to go on. " Make you fall in love with me " I smiled. " I wish you could fly " She said. The conversation made me get butterflys in my stomach. Now Erin and I are getting ready for Zumba. Black collard shirt, Black Pants, Red tie for me. And when Erin knocked on my door she was wearing a beautiful red dress with black heels. " Are you sure you can dance in those heels? " I teased. " Are you sure you can even dance? " Sheteased back waking out. "Oh it's on " I said locking the door behind me.
  5. When we got there the lights were low, the music was loud, and Erin ANC I were loving it. And imedietly Erin started dancing. It was a Salsa. She danced a part, then I showed some of my moves. Then some werid song came on so we got a drink. A bunch if guys were hitting in Erin. She killed them with kindness. All of a sudden I felt someone tugging on my tie. It was Emma.
  6. She started dancing sexy so I tried to back away but some guys pushed me closer. She turned around so I was facing her back, put her arms on my chest and started slide downwards. Gross. I looked towards Erin, and she looked hurt. I ran towards Erin so Emma fell on her but. I grabbed Erin and spun her around in the air. People started claping. We did a whole dance like we practiced for months. At one point Erin put one leg around mine and stuck the other one straight up. Impressive. And we stopped when I dipped her down. Everyone started clapping.
  7. All of a sudden someone grabbedErin. It was Griffin. He danced with her and she looked scared as hell. At one point he made it to one of the railings and whispered something to her. Then he let go. And she fell. Towards the ocean.
  8. I ran towards Griffin and grabbed him by the collar. Before he could explain I punched him the the face so hard he passed out. I looked over the railing and all I saw was Erin hanging over a railing. One hand in the water one hand holding on. Then I realized she wasn't holding on. Her dress was. She wasn't awake. And as far as I knew it she wasn't brething either.
  9. When sercurity reached the scene I was running down the staris. And somehow I knew exactly where she was. I kicked the persons door open and looked at the padio. I ran towards her and grabbed her up. I could hear the secreity behind me. " Erin? Erin it's Ethan, you can't leave me okay? " Iwas getting teary eyed. I put my hand on her heart and it started to shimmer gold. But she didn't wake up.
  10. " Erin wake up! " I pleaded. Nothing happened. " Erin! PLEASE! " I yelled. I was sobbing now. The officers pushed me away while they put needles and medicene on her. She started breathing. They hooked her up to a machine and took her away. I ran after her. " Erin! Erin! " I screamed. Officers held me back but I kept pushing. " Erin! ERIN! " I yelled louder. Then I started to listen. " Sir! SIR! You can wait out her sir! " A man said. We were in the hospital. Well, the hospital in the ship. I sat down ton the waiting chair and waited.
  11. After pleads from the nurses asking me to go home they finally let me see her. She had a cast on her leg and a bandage on her head. "Its a miracle, we thought she would die. I guess she wanted to stay for something " The doctor said walking out. I looked at Erin and she smiled. " Can you Fly yet? " She asked. I laughed and then kissed her. " Ill fly just for you " I whispered in her ear.

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