Giving Love A Shot Part 18

Sorry it's been so long. I've been having a lot of personal issues lately that I really need to deal with. Please bear with me through these times. I would much rather write these than have problems.

So after I finish this (GLAS) before writing Try to Trust I'm probably gonna make some random quizzes. I don't know why, but I don't make quizzes in between series, I like the series all together. I hope you'll take those too.

Created by: Teresa22

  1. Alex? Or I thought it was. He looked the same facial wise, but he was. . . different. He dyed his hair. Instead of the black with red, it was brown. A lightish brown. With blonde highlights. "Alex?" I asked unsure. He pulled me into a bear hug. My parms were pinned against my chest and I looked at Mitchy, confused. "Thank God you guys are here." he breathed releasing me and pulling Mitchy. She was prepared and could hug back.
  2. I looked behind him. "W—w—where. . .?" I choked out. "Claire. . ." Mitchy finished. Alex's relieved face shadowed. "I don't know" he sighed. Fear spread across my face as I glanced back towards the stretchers. He noticed the expression and quickly added, "She's probably just lost in the crowd. um, when the building set on fire we kinda got separated." Mitchelle looked confused. "Where's Dan and Sarah?" she asked, a hint of fear touching her otherwise calm tone.
  3. He shook his head. "I don't know. Probably lost here too". A shadow crossed his face and I could see the sadness. I could tell he knew. "They're. . ." I started pointing yet again toward the stretchers. He gave me a head tilt. He knew. My eyes teared up and then I just collapsed. My mind cleared and next thing I knew, I fell to the ground.
  4. (Gonna switch things up a bit) As soon as _______ fell, Mitchelle was on the ground. "_______? _______!" she frantically shouted, shaking ________'s shoulder. "Alex! Get over here and do something! she yelled. Alex dramaticly wuped off his face and sighed. "What do you want me to do Mitch? It's not like I can make someone become un—unconcious!" he explained annoyed while ruffling his newly cut hair. Same stlye, but different color. Mitchy rolled her eyes. "Un—unconcious? Is that Idi— uh, Alex for 'concious'?" she replied sarcasticly. Alex held his hands up as if surrenering. "Hey, I'm jsut saying. Calm your panties. _______'s gonna be fine. And could you stop yelling at me? I'm right here" he snapped pointing to the spot he was standing. "Sorry, but I believe you're the one that wears them" Mitchelle muttered. "But this is your girlfriend's best friend we're talking about! You must feel SOME need to help her! For Claire?!" Mitchy reasoned. Alex stroked his chin to mock thinking. "Nahh, I'll pass" he heartlessly admitted. Mitch sighed and stood up. "Look, if you're just gonna stand here like an oaf, could you leave to do something productive? Like go find your girlfriend. I'm sure you would rather suck faces with her than do something life saving" Mitchelle siad agrivated.
  5. Alex shrugged. "Sucking face sucks less that sticking around suckers" he retorted. "Ohmygosh, just leave" Mitchy snapped becoming annoyed by the poor aliteration. "Peace out sucka" Alex mocked flashing a peace sign and emphasizing 'sucker'. —Finally, time to think away from the that, well as he put it, "sucker"— Mitchy thought.
  6. Alex walked through the crowd as politely and Englandish he could. Which wasn't that well. "Excuse me", "pardon me", "thank you", "get outta my face!" —Well, at least I tried— he thought. Soon he saw the velvety red hair that belonged to Claire. His face instantaneously brightened and his mouth was pulled into a huge grin. "CLAIRE!" he shouted and ran.
  7. "Claire!" he exclaimed again and put his hand on her shoulder. He soon had the wind knocked out of him. A girl that also had velvet red hair and had a thick English accent stood before him. She was holding a thick, and heavy, bouquet of white roses. "My name is Katie. Not that you need to know" she snapped. Alex brushed himself off, blsuhing. "Uh, sorry, I thought you were. . . Someone I was looking for." he sighed. Katie looked around for a moment. "If it's because of the hair, I get that quite often. Whenever tourists come with a redheadded mate. Well, not orange, but red. I believe the girl you're looking for was just at a biscut shop" she helpfully provided. "Thanks ma'am" Alex rushed out of his mouth already sprinting towards the shop. "Any time" Katie called after him. As she turned around she gasped and dropped her bouquet.
  8. I snapped open my eyes which cause Mitchelle to jump back. "______!" she practically screamed and grabbed me into a hug. "I'm so glad you're okay! What happened?" she interrogated. "I—it's Dan and Sarah. They're the couple in the stretchers." I sobbed. Mitchelle supported me in a hug. She whispered soothingly too me. "Want to go back to Ben?" she asked me. I shook my head. "You sure? It will cheer you up" she said in a sing song voice and poking me in the ribs. I sniffled and smiled slightly. "Yeah, yeah let's go" I agreed while nodding. "Okay" she smiled and navigated through the crowd to get back.
  9. Ben drummed his fingers against the table. —How long does a cat fight last? It should be over by now— he thought impatiently. He finished the last few sips of his coffee and left. As he wandered around the streets, due to lack of any other ideas, he saw some interesting things. A burnt building, the crowd no longer there. A flower shop, a barber shop, but the most interesting, scared him the most.
  10. Alex finally found the bakery, and of course him forgetting he was in England, thought that a "biscut" was like a biscut. Until a lightbulb went off and he remembered, with many facepalms, that here, biscuts are cookies. He found a girl sitting at a little round table and walked over. "Claire?" he asked cautiously this time. The girl snapped her head up. "Alex!" she practically screamed and jumped out of her seat. "I'm sooooo sorry." she starting, burrying her face in his shoulder. "I—" she paused. "I just wanted to get away from there. . ." she explained, trailing off. "It's alright" Alex whispered into her hair.

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