A Draco Malfoy love story (part 6)

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Ok, I ran out of ideas again, so sorry. But this is all just leading up to the big finish which will be part eight or nine. So please bare with me until then.

Ok, well take this to find out how your relationship is going so far. As with all my quizzes, please no inappropriate language or terms please, and sorry for any spelling issues.

Created by: gfh012
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  1. Sixth year, who do you sit with?
  2. Well you enter hogwarts and sit with your friends, you find out Snape is going to be teaching Defence against the dark arts this year, how do you feel?
  3. When you head to the first Potions Class with Slughorn, what do you think of him opposed to Snape?
  4. Now you head to Defence against the dark arts, as you think there, you think about your favorite defence against the dark arts teacher, named:
  5. As you walk out, Draco asks you if you'd help him with something, will you?
  6. You go, (if not, click DIDN'T HAPPEN) He asks you to gaurd a room, while he works on something. Nothing Special.
  7. You go, (if not, click DIDN'T HAPPEN) He asks you to gaurd a room, while he works on something. Nothing Special.
  8. So if you did go, you were wandering the halls, and Harry bumped into you, on purpose. He pushes against the wall and kisses you. (if not, you know you just need to click DIDN'T HAPPEN) What do you do?
  9. You wonder what's going on with Draco, he looks sick and has been missing from several meals. After dinner near the end of the year, you go looking for him, and find him. . . holding his wand up to Dumbledore! What do you do?
  10. When Snape enters the room and Kills Dumbledore, he tells the other deatheaters you're a pureblood (whether you are or not) and says to leave you alive. When he leaves, Harry runs up to you, what do you do?
  11. Dumbledore is dead, Draco has vanished and Snape is Evil, what more could go wrong? Well just wait until parts 7 and 8. Until then, do you hate my quiz?

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