Your Summer Love

You are going to your cousin's house in Florida for the Summer. You get there and immediatly meet four totally hot best friends. These four hotties are all in like/love with you.

Who will you choose? The badboy, the surfer, the musician, or the jock? Please don't think I am copying LA Summer love story because I love that qiz so much that I wanted to write one like it. I hope you like it have fun.

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  1. You get to your cousins house in Florida and see 4 hot guys on the beach. Thomas:Brown hair blue eyes holds a guitar. Nick: Black hair dark eyes, very muscular. Jesse, blonde hair green eyes holds a surfboard. Alex, sandy blonde hair, baby blue eyes throwing a football up and down. Who do you like?
  2. You spend the day with the boys and Thomas asks you to follow him somewhere. Do you?
  3. So if you go answer this, if not just click didn't go. He takes you to the docks and gets a canoe. and says that he wrote a song about you and you say "Really, I just met you." He nods and sings a beautiful song. He leans in and kisses you, what do you do?
  4. The next day, you see Nick, drinking beer and buying cigarettes. He lights one after he buys it and you say.
  5. After you leave Nick, Jesse walks toward you and asks if you surf, you say no and he says he will teach you. You finally get the hang of it but fall off your board. Jesse, asks if you are okay and gets of his board. You drift into his amazingly hot eyes and he leans in to kiss you. You?
  6. After that you have to go home. You wake up at six to your phone. Alex texted you, meet me on the beach. You go and he says that you guys are all alone. you watch the sunrise together and he says that its soo perfect, what do you do?
  7. Your birthday is coming up all the boys know Thomas gets you an iPod because he knows you love music, Nick takes you to the bar and gets the whole bar to tell you happy birthday, Alex takes you on a lovely picnic, and Jesse buys you a surfboard. Who are you falling for?
  8. You go to the movies alone but the boys are there. You sit near them but one of them wants to sit with you, who is it.
  9. Whoever you picked sits next to you. It's a scary movie so they hold you when you're scared. Suddenly this girl you hated that was from your school but moved away says look theres a baby pointing at you. If you sit by Thomas he says that he saw the girl had no one to sit with and was just jealous, he said it loud enough for the girl to hear. Jesse: pays no attention to her and watches the movie. Nick: Says Shut it b**** or I will. Alex: C'mon lets go sit somewhere else.
  10. You are so happy to be with?

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