Death Note quiz o' doom

of all the geniuses in death note here is how they scored on my quiz... Light - 55%, L - 37%, Watari - 37% (He cheated off L), and Ryuk - 0% (he stoped caring half way through)how do you compare?

I scoff at you for think that you know death note, want to prove me wrong, I'd love to see you try. no really I would it is the hardest quiz about death note here (although not much of a contes)

Created by: Seth Hambek
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  1. Light and L have the same first spoken word in volume #1 what is it.
  2. Death Note is rated T+ for older teens for what?
  3. On the face of the manga which letters of the word "DEATHNOTE" are in the correct position
  4. Takeshi Obata does the art for Death Note and another series that is mentioned on the back which series is it?
  5. when ryuk saw light's life span in volume #1 what did it say?
  6. the name of the biker who got killed in a traffic acident was "Shibutaku" which means what?
  7. Kurou Otoharada Light's first kill had hostages, how many were there?
  8. what is Light's date of birth?
  9. on the last page of book #1 the hey your reading in the wrong direction page there is a small picture of a charictor who is it?
  10. Light's sister goes to what school?

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