Skin Color in Humans

So you think you know about skin color? Oh Yeah? Well you're wrong. Or maybe you're right. I guess we'll see. Take this quiz so we can settle this once and for all.

If you're studying any of the biological or geographical principles behind skin color, then this quiz is my gift to you. If you're not, then I suppose you'd better take it anyway and learn.

Created by: Ashley
  1. Which of these substances affect skin color?
  2. Higher concentrations of melanin are expressed as:
  3. Melanin is found in:
  4. Darker skin protects against:
  5. Which of the following could be a side effect of absorbing sunlight?
  6. Where is UV light most intense?
  7. Where would lighter skin have the most selective advantage?
  8. Why doesn't the geographical distribution of skin color correspond to the geographical distribution of UV light intensity?
  9. What is the function of Vitamin D?
  10. What is a melanocyte?

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