What is your favorite color?

Colors are more than just part of a rainbow. They make the world more exciting and interesting. There are endless colors out there, and there may be some colors you have never seen in your life.

What color best describes you? What color says the most about your personality? Colors can be very interesting when it comes to describing humans. Thanks to this great quiz, you're about to find out what color you are most like.

Created by: Bash
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your favorite dog?
  2. What is your favorite sport?
  3. Who is your favorite singer?
  4. What is your favorite movie/TV show?
  5. What is your favorite store?
  6. What do you do in spare time?
  7. What is your favorite food?
  8. Where is your dream vacation?
  9. What is your favorite animal?
  10. What word best describes you?

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Quiz topic: What is my favorite color?