What color best fits you?

There are many great colors in the world but what color are you?you may not have a favorite or you like them all so take this quiz and we will find out!

you know you wanna take this quiz you cant keep your mouse away so just click it and take it and it will take all of the stress away.so just take the quiz and get it over with and you wont have to worry about not taking it every day.

Created by: emily
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  1. If you went to the mall to buy cloths for a family reunion witch would you go 2?
  2. you had to buy grcreis for dinnerwhat shall be for dinner?
  3. you went to the store to buy a pet what did you buy?
  4. you are going to eat a fruit witch fruit was it?
  5. you are going to see a concert of ?
  6. you want a car so you bought a?
  7. you saw a penguin on the side of the rode what did you do?
  8. you woke up with a bad hair day what did you do?
  9. what color is your hair?
  10. are you emo?

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