What haircut should I get? (girls only)

Want a haircut that fits your face shape and your personality? Find out what looks good on you and see what haircut fits your personality. This will ask questions to determine your true color and what you like and don't like. Then, it'll determine what haircut you would like that also fits your schedule and face shape! It's AMAZING HONEST! NO JOKE!

What a haircut custom to you? This will find a haircut that fits your face shape, schedule, and personality! You'll be asked questions that will determine your personality and facial aspects. Then it'll match it up with not only a haircut that you will LOVE but also one that will look AMAZING on you and one that will fit your time schedule! SO AWESOME!

Created by: mary ann
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What's your face shape?
  2. How much time do you have to do your hair?
  3. What about sports?
  4. What's your favorite color(s)?
  5. Your best friend is getting married. What do you wear?
  6. What is ALWAYS with you?
  7. What kind of party is your party?
  8. Your high school crush was..?
  9. What's one word that could describe you?
  10. What's your favorite type of movie?
  11. Favorite Celeb?
  12. Least Fav Celeb?
  13. What time of day is your time of day?

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