Are you light-skinned?

Find your skin color here. Be sure to answer the questions as best as you can for the most accurate results. There are two categories for skin color in this quiz: Light and Dark with three sub-categories. LIGHT SKIN: Pale, Fair, Light. DARK SKIN: Brown, Deep, Dark.

***DISCLAIMER***: All skin colours are beautiful. All racial, ethnic, national, and cultural identities and backgrounds are welcomed. Lighter or Darker doesn't mean better or worse.

Created by: anonymous
  1. Do you have brown eyes?
  2. Do you have black hair?
  3. Do you get burned or tanned?
  4. Do you have freckles?
  5. Do you have blue, green, or grey eyes?
  6. Do you have blonde or red hair?
  7. What is your racial background?
  8. Are you of mixed ancestry?
  9. Do you wear long pants and/or a long-sleeved shirt?
  10. Do you have any Eastern European decent?
  11. Do you have curly hair?
  12. Are you African American, South Asian, Pacific Islander/Native American, or Indigenous Latin American?

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Quiz topic: Am I light-skinned?