How Comfortable are you around Black People? REVISED

Everyone gets uncomfortable around others, this is normal. However what exactly is your level of comfort around people? And, does skin color have an affect?

Do You feel somewhat arkward in the presence of Black People? Or are you absolutely comfortable around Black People? If you'd like to know for sure then try my quiz. You may be surprised by the results!

Created by: amazon of TaurMonk_NYKKII
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  1. You are in public place.You spot a group of Young Black Men dressed in "Hip-Hop" style attire and who are somewhat boisterious. What is your FIRST reaction?
  2. You wrote a paper for political science and recived a B. You check with one of you fellow classmates who is Black, and, see that they recieved an A.You feel
  3. You see a Black Man with a VERY beautiful White Woman, You:
  4. Same situation, except it's a VERY Black Woman with a White Man. You,
  5. You have been with the company for two years. You notice that your White bosses have taken a great deal of interest in your co-worker,a Black Woman; She has been with the company a little over a year,and your bosses are ALREADY talking promotion. You,
  6. A new person has just been hired. The person is black. You notice that while they are totally Professional they aren't too out-going and don't seem interested in any getting to know their co-workers any better, You
  7. Same Situation except the black person is very out-going, always has something funny to say and at times is a little bositerious. You
  8. You are at a gas station. A big black suv pulls up with lightly tinted-windows.You are able to see that it is a Black person in the vehicle. You hear the murmur of music but can't quite make out what it is. What type of music do you think is playing?
  9. Same situation EXCEPT The black person gets out of the car and you recognize the song as White Snake's "Here I Go Again On My Own" Your reaction is
  10. Last night you watched a tennis match. The winner was the top seated woman who is black. The next day at work, you over-hear two of your black co-workers excitingly discussing how the white girl got her ass kicked. You,
  11. Your History class is studying Slave Era. A Black Student raises their hand and states that:"Lincoln only freed the slaves to punish The South and could've cared less about the freedom of Black slaves" You,
  12. You had your choice of two schools. One predominately white, one predominately black. Why wouldn't you pick the black one?

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Quiz topic: How Comfortable am I around Black People? REVISED