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  • CM PUNK you are an idiot and have no respect against signs on "No racism". God will strike thunder on you.Obama was the best leader of United States and is from my country,Kenya.Anywa y the good thing is Africans are raised in a way that their only belief is in God,we don't get the Iphone X at 7 yrs old like you guys,there is no dating till 18yrs

    You guys are lucky you grow on phones and kissing your crushes with you parents congratulating you .If our parents find us doing all that you get a whip of a life time.You Americans don't go to church.The only holy family in America is The Greenleafs ;-)

  • Blacks are typically nothing but trouble. It's bad for the few good blacks, but most ALL blacks, even after being here "fo fo hunert year", still can't figure out how to speak English. They're just all strung out on ebonics. "Hey girlfreent". "Where da polic, was?", and other such childish things. Then they wonder, "Why does people tink we stupit, is?" Well, it's because you can't speak the language of your own country, that's why.

    Blacks want everything to be equal, until it's not in their favor anymore.

  • i would like black people but they are usually thugs and are not nice. I 'm white and proud and I wish we still had African American slaves. Plus im from the south and we fly the Confederate Flag High. So ya know what Obama and the rest of you black people kiss my a**

    CM Punk
  • 90% hell yeah! and i'm 100% white, so there you have it. I'm just a very open minded person, whether we're talking about race, gender or whatever other thing that people usually argue about XD

  • Yay, 90% comfortable! Oh, and by the way? I'm a white southerner, so please don't let some other people's comments reflect on those of us who can actually THINK!

  • cm punk,you are amazingly stupid and dumb

    if you really think that your skin color says how

    nice you are!You're the "Mean" one! :.(

  • @CM punk

    i like how you mixed political correctness and the desire to enslave another race in the same sentence. that's... very interesting...

  • This is racist

  • i got a 88% i am happy i got the score that i got. you see have friends who are black and my mom's boyfriend is black if anyone said the n word n word to them i would tell the stright up thats not ok. slavery is wrong i'm glad it's gone.

  • I got 100% cause I am black myself. I am shocked to see how racist this quiz is and what the White think of us.Now I know

  • "cm punk" i'm black and i'm a very nice person,but i feel offend by your comment;so therefore you can go suck a DICK b---- :) HAVE A NICE LIFE(NOT)

  • I am black... i got a 70% lol

  • 64% how'd I get that low? :/


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