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  • every 15 minutes
    "every 15 minutes is this program my school does about not driveing under the influences. it's done in two parts the first part is that duri..."
  • "@ cheshire * pets gentley for thrity seconds then pulls hand back* thank you :]"
  • The Rot
    "@ the hawkseye no fighting please"
  • "@ cheshire * gives cheshire another fish* i am being visited by another cat but your geting all the fish and she is not"
  • "@ cheshire awww ok :( well here you can have this * gives cheshire a fish *"
  • The Rot
    "@ silver your welcome"
  • "@ cheshire can i pet cheshire is cheshire friendly"
  • The Rot
    "@ silver that's fine i am sure you don't do the other stuff *hugs* cause your cool"
  • The Rot
    "@ silverto put it simply The Rot is what happens to the newbies aka trolls who do cybersex, start fights for no reson, spam, and are just pl..."
  • New Story
    "sorry ron for the win malfoy is a bully"
  • The Rot
    "@mj your a novice i don't think you can get it they get it because they do stuff like cybersex and spaming and just being plane stupid"
  • The Rot
    "@ mj troll newbie rot it spreads from one newbie to the next luckly i have not been infected"
  • what is up with newbies
    "@ selena well i am glad i am not them stupid trolls they are infected with The Rot"
  • The Rot
    "the rot is dangerous it can affect you badly so becareful"
  • what is up with newbies
    "@ harmione good that means you aren't infected with the rot"

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