is im really black

this is the master test to see if you are really black take this test and get your results only 79 percent of people pass this test today so see where you at with the black people what you know bout blacks

there are 1053 black test but this is the master quiz please take for i could see what you know about black people only 74 person of people pass this quiz see if you could add on to the percenge and see your result

Created by: ronald vasquez
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what is your favorite meal
  2. when you was 6-15 what was your favorite sanwich?
  3. which one of these people relate to you more?girl
  4. what state would black people never go on vacation?
  5. how do you feel about the KKK?
  6. which show you would most likely watch?
  7. who is the most hated person in your commuinty?
  8. what kind of middle school did you attend?
  9. what is the worst crime to be commit in your hood?
  10. which one of these names would you name your dauther?
  11. if you are at work and you see someone planing 2 rob a bank what will u do?
  12. when u was 3-14 year old in some body hit u what will your moma tell you to do?
  13. if someone is playing on your phone what 3 numbers should u press 2 call them back
  14. which one of these people do not dance?
  15. what whether do u hate the most?
  16. on the movie friday what was the name of reds (the UPS man) bike?
  17. what do you rather do with your free time?
  18. do you really think you gone pass this test?

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