What do you know about black cat?

I love black cat. That whay i make this quiz. If you want, take this. If you not want to, dont! I just want to share. Just it. Take mine! This will be find.

Now, find out how much do you know !bout black cat! If you ever read the book ,youare not allowed here. Just take my quiz n find out. If you have find out, i wish you like the results. Oh yeah. For information i'm an indonesian. I'm sorry i cant speak english well. Wkwkwk.

Created by: Wie.heartnet

  1. What volume does black cat end?
  2. What is chronos number.VII's name?
  3. Who is the author of black cat?
  4. Who is the girl who have a special ability to be a mermaid?
  5. Who is quit from apostle of star?
  6. What is baldorias' weapon's name?
  7. Who is Sven's friend's name when he still a police?
  8. In the end, does eve cut her hairs?
  9. What is sephiria best sword technic's name?
  10. What is madam flecia's pet in black cat story?
  11. What is Eve's mom cloning name?
  12. What technic does train use to beat creed in the end?
  13. How many people in Sweeper Aliance?
  14. Train's gun is make from ...?
  15. What is sven's eyes name when its upgrade?

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Quiz topic: What do I know about black cat?