How Well Do You Know COD Black Ops?

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This is a quiz to test the purest of the Call Of Duty Black Ops franchise fans to find out if you truly are a fan of the Black Ops series. Only true COD fans will know the answers.

If you are just new to the Call Of Duty Black Ops series, say you are a 6-year-old right now and are used to recent Black Ops games, (Black Ops 3, Black Ops 4), then you won't remember anything about Treyarch's 2010's Black Ops game for PS3 and such. New kids...

Created by: RogueTrooper02

  1. What is the name of the crazy German scientist/doctor in the zombie's mode?
  2. In the campaign mode, what is the name of the level where you first meet Reznov?
  3. In the campaign mode of COD, who is the main character?
  4. What is the name of the level that takes place as Viktor Reznov's flashback?
  5. What is the very first campaign level?
  6. What happens to Sergei when the blast door started to close?
  7. What is the last level of the campaign mode called?
  8. What does Mason find out about Reznov in Revelations?
  9. What were the extra collectibles given in every campaign mission called?
  10. In Redemption what was the name of the Soviet ship? Couldn't find other object names.
  11. Which zombies map is called "Cinema of the Dead" but in German?
  12. What about the map called "Night of the Living Dead" In German? (Hint: Think of its counterpart name)
  13. Which map is based in an asylum?
  14. What is the map where Richtofen plans to use a teleporter to the Moon? (also called "The Giant")

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