The Black Experience Quiz

Black culture is an important fabric in American society, yet not a lot of people know about it. What we think is black culture, are sometimes just bad stereotypes and myths.

Well, how well do you about the black experience? Are you down? Come and test your knowledge with this little quiz about black culture in general, and see how really down are you? You never know, you might learn something new.

Created by: J.C.
  1. In what year, was the Civil Rights Act signed.
  2. Is there racism in America today?
  3. Who was the original host of "Soul Train"?
  4. Chicken Noodle Soup, Walk It Out, Krumpin', and Crank Dat Yank are all current what?
  5. Who wrote the book, "The Souls of Black Folk"?
  6. When someone asks you if you want a "Uptown Fade", what profession is he/she likely to be?
  7. Who is Tavis Smiley?
  8. Cops are...
  9. Hip-Hop and Rap are the same exact thing. (True or False)?
  10. "The Character Lamont's Aunt on the TV series, "Sanford & Son" was named what?"
  11. Which is a true statement?
  12. A "two piece and a pepper" refers to what?
  13. What are "chit'lins"?
  14. What does the phrase, "40 Acres and a Mule" derived from?
  15. The musical artform of Hip-Hop derived from what area?
  16. The Musical artform, Jazz, derived from what major city?
  17. Most Black people think that education is the way for upward mobility. (True or False)
  18. What is "TCB"
  19. When a person calls you "Boo", you are most likely...?
  20. Finish this phrase. "Cornbread:__________________"
  21. In the Movie, "Harlem Nights", which person's pinky toe gets shot?
  22. In the Movie, "The Color Purple", what was Squeaky's (Rae Dawn Chong)first line after she saw Sophia and Buster in Harpo's Juke Joint?
  23. When someone talks about "The Elements", what are they referring to?

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