How much do you know about Black Stone Cherry?

Very few people know anything about Black Stone Cherry. Some don't even know thye even exist! I'm sure someone like you know they exist, otherwise why are you looking at this??? Do YOU know they exist?

Are you a Black Stone Cherry genious, like me? Find out here!!!! Make sure to answer with you best guess the questions are kinda hard!!! Enjoy my quiz! I know it will enjoy you!

Created by: Katelyn

  1. What is Black Stone Cherry?
  2. Which of their songs is featured on WWE Smackdown?
  3. Who plays Slide Guitars?
  4. Who plays Bass?
  5. Who plays Drums?
  6. Which 2 band members went to school together?
  7. How old is Ben currently?
  8. Who is older?
  9. Who is married?
  10. How many albums do they have out?
  11. How many band members maje up Black Stone Cherry?
  12. Which band members have long hair?
  13. Who's hair is majorly curly?
  14. What is their newesst album called?
  15. Do you like Black Stone Cherry?
  16. Which member is a Natural Blonde?
  17. Who sings?
  18. Where are they from?
  19. Have they been to Japan on tour?
  20. What type of Rock do they thrive to play?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Black Stone Cherry?