Stone Gods Essential Quiz

There are many fans of the Stone Gods, but thats easy to be. The question is, are you a real fan, do you know most things about them? I hope so, because these boys need all the support they can get!!! So go on, take the quiz, tell us what you do know, and admit to us what you don't!

Are you a real Stone God or Goddess? Well take this quiz to find out! This quiz will tell you whether you know a lot, most or not enough. It's a quiz about the future of rock music, the one and only, Stone Gods!

Created by: Sammy Patrick

  1. What is the title of the forthcoming SG debut album?
  2. What was the release date of the limited edition EP 'Burn The Witch'?
  3. Who co-produced the EP with Dan Hawkins?
  4. Where was the Metal Gods podcast 'From Stone To Metal' shot?
  5. What record label are the Stone Gods releasing their album through?
  6. Which band member currently lives in Finland?
  7. Which band member shares the same birthday of 25th September with the administrator of the SG Aus Team?
  8. What is the name of the drummer that replaced Ed Graham due to illness for the 2008 'Knight Of The Living Dead' Tour?
  9. At which concert did the Stoen Gods have their first stage invasion?
  10. What is the name of the studio in which Dan Hawkins owns?
  11. Which band member is sometimes referred to as the 'vaudeville ponce'?
  12. Which band member has the nickname 'Badger'?
  13. On which famous singer's radio show did Dan and Richie host?
  14. Complete the line: I'm brushing my teeth...
  15. At which gig were items of the band shockingly stolen from?

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