The God/Goddess Quiz

There are many myths in the world. And some of them are called GODS. Are they real, or are they just legends. Gods can be many things, but there are a lot of them.

How much do YOU know about Gods/Goddess?! Are you everything about them? Or do you just hate them and you took this quiz for nothing?! Take this quiz for your God IQ!!!

Created by: Tedward99
  1. What is Zeus the God of?
  2. What is Posiedon the God of?
  3. What is Hades the God of?
  4. Who is Zeus's wife?
  5. Who is Hades' wife?
  6. Is Ares the Goddess of war?
  7. What do all the Gods before this question have in common?
  8. Is there a God/Goddess of magic?
  9. If you were a God, who would you be?
  10. Is this the last question?

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