What Kind Of Darkness Is In You?

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what is dark without light? what is light without dark? we would not know. and you know what else is true? sadness and darkness are natural cousins. sinse acient times, people have worn black to express there grief. happiness is attracted to sunshine and depression to darkness. there is a certain romance in dark and melancholy. there is somthing misterious about that which is hidden and unknown.

there are many, many, types of dark, suffocating dark, and the types shown in my quiz. i am every type of dark, excluding suffocating dark and angel. what are you? what path are you on?

Created by: ShadowBlixer

  1. Whats ur age?
  2. Whats ur gender
  3. Whats ur fav animal
  4. if u had 2 or 1 word to describe urself what would it be
  5. if u could pick a name in any language what would it be
  6. not even close to the end bro
  7. ur best friend is fataly injured what will u do
  8. do u work
  9. last question u ready???
  10. last question for real
  11. hahahahahha fooled u!
  12. are u emo
  13. does ur parents know ur emo
  14. ok whats ur fav color
  15. what color do u want ur eyes
  16. this will be last question if u stop bugging me *blank screen*

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