The Unforgiven and Unforgotten part 30

Hey you guys! It feels so good to be back and I barely noticed how Gotoquiz has changed during my departure. Ah I feel like I should have an excuse but in truth I don't for my absence, I just kind of lost my joy in writing for awhile. I have been feeling down for these past couple months but no worries I'm back up on my feet now and ready to write. This part feels kind of choppy to me and it is a filler also shorter than most but I promise to have the next part out soon. Hope you guys like it and don't forget to comment.

Shane has light brown hair, emerald green eyes, pale skin, lean muscles, and a to die for smile. He's also a Vampire. Drake is the antisocial and mysterious type with his dark brown hair with natural blonde highlights, icy blue eyes, tan skin, two military dog tags around his neck,sexy deep voice, and hot muscles. He's also a Werewolf. Omar is the funny yet smart one with his dirty blonde hair, bright amber eyes,and perfect muscles. He's an Immortal with powers. Aaron is sort of the leader type with his coal black hair, gorgeous golden eyes, fit body, lean muscles, and adorable dimples. He's also a Fallen Angel. Jayden is the trouble maker with his dark brown hair and red highlights at the tip, violet eyes, lean muscles and body. He's a Werewolf/Vampire hybrid.

Created by: Cometlight

  1. Recap~ "Yeah that's what I want to talk to you guys about, I've been hiding too many things from all of you and it's killing me. Since the day I've met you guys I've been keeping things from you and right now I'm going to need your help. Though in the end, no matter what I tell you, you guys have to promise not to get mad because I know you will. Do you guys promise?" I asked, making eye contact with all of them. "_______, wha-." "Do you guys promise?" I interrupted Aaron, putting more strain into my voice to get my point across. All of the guys looked at each other, giving looks and hand gestures to one another. It wasn't long before they all looked at me. "Yeah we promise." They all said in unison. I smiled weakly and nodded, taking truth into their word. "Alright, let me start from the beginning."
  2. Sighing softly I closed my eyes, trying to think of where to start off. The beginning should be the wisest choice but so many things have happened over these past few months that I don't even know where the beginning of it all took place. All of it just has consumed me so far in that it's just a jumble of thoughts and events that can't be placed in a sequence. With the ankle bracelet sliding from one hand to another and I knew that it weighed heavy. The heat of it all pressing down onto my shoulders and all of it was just going to burst into flames if I didn't let it out soon. How could one being influenced by so much hide everything from those they care about? A matter of deceiving was my answer and I was the deceiver. I was tired of being so and now I was offered the chance of redemption and there was no way I was going to let it fly by. Grasping onto it I looked up at the guys and into their eyes firmly, giving myself a nod of encouragement.
  3. So from there I told them everything, starting from the day I was visited by Delgado when I first got here which received a sight of fangs from Shane. To when he gave me the ankle bracelet, how I got Starfire and everything from there on. When I got to the part when I was shall I say in a coma I explained to them how Mason got to me and all of the guys tensed up, but when I told them about Delgado, that was when it all went downhill. The mask of guilt and shame placed itself on Shane as he down casted his eyes, Aaron had his jaw clenched and fist curled, Drake had his eyes closed with an impassive look on his face, and Mike was expressing himself fully with his eyes shining from unsheathed tears. I let it sink in for them as for me as well since I didn't really have time to overlook on it. Sadness washed over me in overwhelming waves but I knew that he wouldn't want me to cry. "All this time I hated him, I thought he was the enemy but now." Shane spoke up, causing my head to snap up at him and gaze at him with a questioning look.
  4. Catching my stare he looked at me for a moment before shaking his head, a way of saying that he would speak of it later. Huffing I decided to leave it alone and said the last remaining parts that I could remember. I didn't tell them about Klaus since he was in hiding, I knew I was going to tell them everything but this was my father and I wasn't going to throw him into the pit of the fire. Leaning myself back into the couch I stared at the guys as they consumed everything in and thought about it. At the moment I really wished I had the ability to read minds like Jayden but sadly I don't so I have to live with that.
  5. "Who the heck thought that they had the right to eat my chili cheese fries?" A familiar voice shouted and stumbled into the room, his hyper high obviously still affecting him. Everyone's eyes snapped towards him and you could feel the tension adapt into the air as my eyes set on Jayden, who barely realized that I was awake. Eyes blinking rapidly Jayden looked at me with shock and the uprising of guilt. He was sobering up to place it easily and he wasn't fond of it at the moment. "I'm just going to...yeah." He mumbled quietly before racing out of the room with supernatural speed, the awkwardness clear in his voice before he left. Drake raised a brow at his brother's exit, but nonetheless he left it alone and shrugged to himself. Clearing his throat Aaron caught everyone's attention as expected, his eyes casting on everyone to make sure they were listening. What surprised me was that his once bright golden eyes were now hollow and dull, the light dead from them as they were free from any emotions.
  6. "Taking in what ________ has told us it's clear that we're running out of time and danger is coming our way. Nex's attack was evidence of that and looking in on Mike's offer I think it would be wise to go to the Ortu Cinis." He spoke with authority clear in his voice. "Not quite." I spoke up immediately. There were still things they were hiding from me and I wasn't going anywhere until they till me. Aaron looked at me questioningly. "Why not, moments ago you were-." "I know that Aaron but I also know that they're still things that you guys are hiding from me and I'm not going anywhere until you tell me." All of them stared at each other with uneasiness, Drake blankly stared at them with no expression. "She deserves to know, she told you flat out everything from the beginning and yet all of you are still holding back." A voice growled, the animalistic behind it clear as day. I sharply looked towards the source and a smile beamed from me as I saw my loyal companion. Standing in all his glory the wolf hybrid smirked before speaking. "Hello princesa."
  7. Trotting over to me White Fang leaped onto the couch and rested his head onto my lap. Running my fingers through his soft fur I chuckled lightly as his chest rumbled in approval. "It's good to see you again White Fang." I whispered softly to him and his familiar herbal scent brought reassurance to me as he chuckled under his breath. "As you." He whispered into my mind, lingering there for a moment before leaving. Exhaling deeply Shane began to speak which brought my attention to him. I guess story time is about to commence.
  8. "Before our group was created all of us were born in different colonies. Drake, Jayden, and Omar were born in the Gli Illuminati aka the light side, Aaron was born in the Ortu Cinis or your colony, and I was born in the Quelli Senz'anima also known as the dark colony." Shane paused momentarily to see my reaction. In truth I had no idea what to say, Shane originated from the dark side. The very side that Mason now commands. Anger and betrayal overcame and caused my eyes to dangerously narrow. All this time everyone knew that Shane was born in the enemy clan and hid it from me all this time. I casted my icy glare towards Shane, placing in all my emotions into my eyes. The anger, betrayal, shock, sorrow, and guilt. Guilt that I ever trusted him and shaming myself for doing so. Shane's brow furrowed as he read my emotions. "________ let me finish." He spoke, standing up and reaching out for me. Bolting up to my feet I leaped away from him, acting on pure emotions right now. "Don't." I growled at him. "Just don't."
  9. Taking a step back I shook my head, not wanting to believe it but by the looks from everyone I knew it was true. Before any of them could react even further I ran out of the room, shoving past Omar and Jayden who were entering. I ran like the coward I was and what I always do, never wanting to face my problems dead on. Running up the double flight of stairs I marched into my room and closed the door with telekinesis. Anger pulsing through my veins I couldn't control the energy building up inside me. The overwhelming aura that urged to come out, pushing itself towards the surface. I knew I couldn't release it here in my room so by thinking fast I raced over to my balcony. Grabbing the vines that grew along the wall I began climbing towards the roof. It was the best place I can think of to let it all out. Grabbing the edge I heaved myself up onto the roof and tossed my weight to the side so I was safely on top.
  10. Looking around I noticed that the section I was on was mostly flat. Clenching my fist I felt the anger building up once more, though it never did leave. It bubbled deep within my blood, my whole body shaking by the overwhelming. I know I was overreacting but to hide something like that from me made me wonder how much more they could be hiding. Shane originated from the very colony that killed my mother and forced my father into hiding. The option of forgiving was nowhere within the equation. With that I let it all out, the energy and the anger. Yelling out my frustrations colorful flames danced around me as I released the thermal energy, I was fueling the heat with my anger and recalling what Shane said only caused the flames to dance faster and reach out higher. I was long gone within the red aura of shallowness anger that bewitched those that fell within its grasp and I knew it was going to be awhile before I got out of it.
  11. For hours I stood up on the roof, letting out my emotions and working on my self-defense. Half of the section I was on was burnt and chipped away but I couldn't find it in myself to care. The hurt and betrayal was still there and I needed to get it out. It was like a crawling sensation on my skin that couldn't be washed away. Throwing a sequence of punches in the air I was unaware of the fact that it was long past dark. The moon was high up in the sky and the stars shined brightly, giving hope to those that stared up at it for the yearning of being told that everything was going to be alright. That yearning for me was long dead and gone. Finishing off with a roundhouse kick I stopped and let myself down onto the surface of the roof. My chest rising and falling rapidly to keep up with my intense fighting was able to keep me occupied and from thinking about what happened earlier. "Friends can betray you, but with an old enemy, you always know where you stand."
  12. Rising up to my feet I immediately looked around, heightening all my senses to try and detect where the source of the voice was coming from. The voice was soft and soothing, though it held an icy edge to it. It was alluring to place it simply but it wasn't the slightest bit familiar. Scanning my surroundings I couldn't find the intruder and growled in annoyance. "Show yourself." No response to my words came until a few moments after a figure emerged from the shadows. Using my heightened sight I took a cautious step back when I observed the intruder. Chuckling softly he showed himself in the moonlight, extending his arms out to show himself on full display. "Hello_______, it's a pleasure to finally be in your presence." I shivered at the sound of his voice but kept my eyes on him. He looked about no less than nineteen, messy raven black hair hovered over his hazel eyes and the hoodie he was wearing furthered his mysteriousness.
  13. Staying on guard I gathered as much energy as I called within the palms in my hand, storing it there in case in need of attack. "Who are you?" I asked allowed, wanting answers and not being the least bit patient. He smirked before taking a step forward whilst never taking his eyes off me. Tilting his head to the side he seemed to think about something for a moment, almost hesitating before speaking. "I'm sure you have heard of me before though in courtesy I shall introduce myself. The name is Luka, descendant of Annabelle and Nathaniel." I raised my brow at the last part of his introduction, not exactly understanding where this was going. As if detecting my confusion mystery guy spoke up again. "Can't allow chivalry to die now can we princess?" My mind began to race as I gathered his last words, it was like they triggered something, a memory buried deep.
  14. Then it all made sense and I released a gasp when I heeded what the guys told me awhile back. Sensing my recognition of him Luka placed his hands up in a surrendering motion, making no sign of being a threat. Eyes narrowing I took a step forward as a thermal ball appeared in my hand, my own weaponry to defend myself. "What do you want from me?" I asked sharply. Sighing softly Luka shrugged innocently and remained silent in way to me seemed like a silent surrender and plea. Smirking I shook my head and raised my hand up that held the thermal ball. "One more time Luka, what do you want from me?" "For the war to end, same thing you want." He replied in a bored tone, as if not caring that he was at a disadvantage. Thermal ball diminishing I dropped my hand to see if he was telling the truth. I knew who he was the minute he spoke his name though I couldn't understand why he was here. Wanting answers I took another step towards him, my eyes narrowed as they stood dead set on him. "What do you mean?"
  15. "I want to bring down Mason as much as you do. I'm tired of all the fighting and I don't want to risk anymore lives for some pity little war that my grandfather started. I. Want. It. To. End. I know I can't do it alone so that's why I'm here, asking for your help." Luka said, honesty laced in every word and for a moment I believed him but my guard was too far up to clearly heed his words. "You're the leader of the Gli Illuminati. Why should I trust you?" As if expecting those words Luka dropped his hands and crossed them over his chest. It was a defensive posture and it clearly looked as if I offended him in some way. Walking towards me I remained completely still as the leader of the light side stopped right in front of me, just about a foot away. Taking in a breath he paused for a second to irritate me before smirking and dropping his gaze down towards me. "It's offensive to downcast on a superior but I shall let it slide, but in a matter of trusting you should be safe with me. Question is why? Well I think it is known as politeness to help family."

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