Unforgotten Secrets Part 4

Soooo, Sam finally got a laptop! yay! So until we reach the end of my pre-written stuff, I'll be emailing her my stuff I've written with her characters, and she'll be editing her dialogue.

Hopefully you guys like this part, and I promise that we'll try getting these out earlier and faster! Go ahead and comment, because we love hearing your feedback!

Created by: CometDannica

  1. Jayden prowled the forest stealthily, making sure not to make a sound. He was searching for Aaron, trying to at least just catch a small glimpse, but it was no use. He was probably gone by then. Jayden returned to his normal self and sighed, taking a seat on a big log. Where did Aaron go? He scoured the forest with his eyes, thinking that maybe he could sniff him out. After a few moments he gave up. There were too many smells that would be able to mask his, and he could have easily stepped through a puddle or a pond, since there were tons implanted here, holding who knew what kind of creatures. Then Jayden saw a glimpse of a bright light. Was that purple? It didn't matter, because it was something. Jayden didn't bother changing though, because it seemed that the light was fairly close, and in walking distance. And if Aaron was there then he would have seen him. "You owe, Aaron," Jayden said to himself as he trudged along the green. "Why are you fallen angels so hard to find? Come on I’m getting lazy here Aaron I feel like I’m surrounded by gremlins who are dancing around in a circle signing the lollipop song."
  2. Jayden stopped in his tracks when those words escape his mouth. “Hey now that I think about it, it seems like a pretty awesome thing to see. Well not unless a pack of flying pigs wearing sombreros suddenly appear and started throwing sparkly poop down at everyone.” He chuckled at the thought of it as he continued on walking. “Why am I suddenly getting all these crazy fantasies? Eh, probably from the jar of Nutella mixed with gummy bears, chocolate chips, whip cream, fruit roll-up, air heads, and a shot of tequila that I ate earlier. Aw now I’m hungry. Again, you owe me, Aaron.” When Jayden got to the source of the light he stopped in his tracks and raised an eyebrow. In front of him, embroidered into a big oak tree, was a portal. Purple light shone through it, and he knew it was messily done by an amateur, because it wasn't closed. Maybe Aaron went through it, Jayden thought. But where did he say he was going again? He cursed under his breath. How could he have forgotten that? "It started with a C. Yeah, it did." Jayden stood there and pondered about it, hoping the portal wouldn't close any time soon, which probably wouldn't happen. Was it...Corona? But wasn't that in California? Jayden took a few more minutes to think about it. What the hell, he thought with a shrug, California it is. And with that, he jumped through the portal, allowing the purple light to envelope him in a whirlpool of colors.
  3. Alex and I walked the rest of the way to the park. The park where we had our first official date; the park where we first kissed; the park where we first danced together, and the park where he made his promise to me. "How did you know I was at Christofer's?" I asked him, as we entered the park's entrance through a white fence. "I dropped by your house first, and your parents said you were there," he replied with a small smile. I had a good look at him then, and saw that he was wearing a white dress shirt with a tie. "Was there a special occasion today? You know, other than my birthday." Alex's expression was confused for a moment, and then he realized what I was talking about and ran a hand through his hair. "Let's just sit down and eat for a while, and then I'll explain, okay?" I sighed stubbornly. Right by the lake—which was our spot—a picnic basket was spread out with a woven basket and a cooler on it, the only light provided by the moon and some flickering candles that he brought along. I saw down without comment. Alex sat across from me and opened up the basket like nothing was wrong. He pulled out a tub of caramel apple slices and a thermos of hot chocolate. He offered me some with a pleading look. "I know these are your favorites." I took one slice and started nibbling on it. Stupid caramel apples. Why do you guys have to be so good? Can't you see I'm trying to be mad at my boyfriend?
  4. "Where was your car?" I asked him. "Back at Ash's place. I would have driven you here but it was close, so." I swallowed a chunk. "Mind explaining now? I'm getting really nervous and I don't like that feeling." Alex made a move to take my hand, but then stopped himself. "Remember when I said that I wanted to be at the top of the UPA, just like my grandpa?" I nodded slowly. "Well, after rescuing our parents and stuff, the UPA decided I could train early, and I've been appointed as an intern, sort of." I tilted my head to one side. "Alex, that's great, but why didn't you tell me?" He bit his lip. "I was going to, but I just, didn't want you to worry." I almost grinned. "Why would I worry about that? I know you can take care of yourself." He took a bite of an apple slice. "I mean, just after all the stuff that's happened a few months ago I didn't want you to like, freak out over it. I don't know. I was going to tell you. And I applaud you for not being worried, because I know I am."
  5. I took his hand this time. "Why're you worried?" He took my fingers and started playing with them. "I'm worried that whatever's out there will bruise my perfectly shaped physique and face." I gave him a look and slapped him on the arm, taking my hand away. He laughed, the gleam of the moon hitting his face at the most perfect angle, making him seem like something not of this nature and at this level of human, and took my hand back, putting his lips to my fingertips, making me shiver and feel all tingly, like a phone that's just vibrated. "And I didn't say happy birthday before because I was at the headquarters and they took my phone. There was this thing where they evaluate all the trainees to see who would be able to qualify, and it took the whole day. I just want you to know that I didn't forget." He kissed each one of my fingers and made his way up my arm and onto my shoulder, to my neck, and on my chin. "It's whatever. As long as you're here now, I guess that's all that matters. But I'm still mad at you for not telling me about your UPA business." He smiled and then kissed my nose, still tangling and disentangling my fingers. "Happy Birthday," he whispered, and then kissed me; his warm lips on mine, our noses crushed together with my hands crawling up and around his neck.
  6. We've kissed a lot of times, to be honest. And each kiss was better than the last: my stomach would feel overjoyed with butterflies, my palms would get sticky, my legs would feel weak, and my lips would just want more and more, and would never get tired of tasting his. And it was just like that: passionate, sincere, and extremely hot. I moved my hand to his cheek, and then traced his jaw that I loved so much while we stopped to get some air. He kissed my bottom lip, and I think we were about to go for make-out session number two when I heard a long buzz from his phone. Alex hung his head on my shoulder, and then reached in his pocket. The sudden light hit his face and he had to squint his eyes to look at the screen. I had another apple slice while I waited. Alex put his phone back in his pocket and then looked at me apologetically. "I have to go." I put the apple slice down. "What do you mean?" He put his hands on my shoulders and kissed my forehead. "Emergency meeting at the UPA." "At 10 PM?" "I guess so, yeah. Everybody's going." "Then why can't I come?" Alex took a moment before replying. "Just the people in the UPA." There went my dignity. I nodded weakly. "Okay. That's fine." Alex frowned. "It's not fine." I managed on a smile. "Get out of my head." He got up on his feet and returned the same, one dimensional smile. "I can give you a ride." I waved it off. "I'm fine with walking." I followed him and got to my feet as he started putting everything back in the basket and blew out the candles. Like me when I did my birthday cake. Which he wasn't there to witness. He gave me a short kiss on the lip. "I'm sorry, princess. I really am. But I'll make it up to you, you'll see." "Like how this picnic was supposed to make up for my birthday?" His jaw flexed, and we stood there silently looking at each other; although I'm pretty sure he was reading my thoughts. Alex kissed me one last time on the nose. "I'll see you tomorrow, okay? I love you." He pivoted on his foot to leave as I mumbled a, "Love you too." And then he walked away, and I watched him as he exited through the white fence and went farther away from the park, leaving me behind. I hope all your wishes come true, they said. And there went my one wish. Happy birthday to me.
  7. The manticores were gone. One moment Shane was on top of one, trying to get a good bite, and the next he was pretty much kissing the floor. He felt an arm support him back up on his feet, and saw that they were hone. All of them. Just, poof. Drake dropped his hand back to his side, looking around the very wide corridor and expression of apathetic on his face as everyone else had confusion and puzzlement. There was glass on the floor. Shards and pieces strewn everywhere, chunks of the stone walls in heaps every place you looked. It was awful, the damage that was made. And yet, the enemy they were fighting just disappeared. Shane knew they hadn't killed them. He knew none of them killed anybody of the Ortu Cinis. So then why did they come, and why did they leave? Doubt and insecure faces rippled through the crowd of people that came out to fight. White Fang gave a low growl and began circling the area. Shane and Drake shared a glance, and turned their gazes at Omar, who was just standing there looking out the window, bewildered. "Hey," Shane said, pushing Omar's shoulder to get his attention. "You saw we needed your help, why didn't you do anything?" Omar turned to them, a nervous smile on his face. "Uh, I saw you guys had it under control. Besides, they're gone now." He heard Drake sigh. "Yeah, but now look at all the mess. Half the corridor is completely wrecked." Omar shrugged. "Can’t blame me for that one." Then out of the corner of his eye he saw Klaus coming their way. Shane and Drake followed the line of his stare, and worry washed over them. "Boys, I—" "Okay, I admit it! It was all a prank, but it was Jayden's idea! All I wanted to do was paint the seats so that all your butts would be rainbow colored but noooo, Jayden wanted to try out his new power, I'm sorry!" Omar clamped a hand over his mouth while Shane, Drake, and Klaus looked down on him with their mouths agape. Klaus sharpened his eyes. "Tell me what happened. Now.
  8. So Omar did, including the part where he saw Jayden run into the woods. When he said it Omar heard Drake catch his breath. "Isn't there another one of you?" Klaus asked, a hand on his chin. Shane nodded. "Aaron. But we don't know where he went." "Jayden developed a new power and he just tried it out now?" Drake asked, changing the subject. Omar nodded while Drake fixed his eyes at the window. “I swear sometimes I wonder how we’re even related." Klaus narrowed his eyes. "There will be punishment as I hope you all know, on account of all of you." Shane wrinkled his forehead. "All of us?" But it was--" "It was Jayden and Omar's 'prank', yes, but the rest of you are responsible for most of the damage to my castle. Besides, you wouldn't let one of your own be punished all by his lonesome, would you?" There was a moment of silence. "I guess not." Klaus clapped his hands together. "Very well. There will be a meeting later in the night, and our decision will be told in the morning. And if I were either of you, I would be worried, because we see a prank as a comical joke that can be taken lightly, not putting the risk of others in danger." With that, Klaus turned his back on the three of them and started talking to the others. Shane and Drake gave Omar a disapproving look. Omar mirrored their expressions. "Well damn. I knew we should have painted the seats instead."
  9. Aaron stumbled from the blinding whirls of the purple light and landed on the ungracefully on the cobblestone floor of what seemed to be a small town full of shops. He knew reading had their advantages. Sure the portal wasn't perfect, but it was better than having to try and find somebody else who could get him in this place. Aaron had never been to the Core before. He's heard a lot about it, where the supernaturals were rooted and born, but he never thought about actually seeing it with his eyes. From the stories he'd always imagined it to be kind of like Halloween Town, to be honest, but now actually standing in the Core, and seeing all the people roaming around the streets without worrying about any prejudice or hatred, it was really unlikely, and he thought of it like as a dream. He felt the ankle bracelet through his jean pocket, making sure it was still there. In time they'll understand, he told himself. But he still felt really bad. He already kept a huge secret of himself from the guys, and now this? He wasn't sure if he was going to be forgiven in a short time or not once he returned to the Ortu Cinis. "Would you like to buy a Hedge Willy?" Aaron blinked out from his thoughts and turned his body towards a short old lady behind a cart, holding up something that looked like a hedgehog, but with beady red eyes and spikes like a cactus. Aaron shook his head slowly, almost jumping back from the animal as he's never seen a Hedge Willy before. "No, but thank you." The old lady smiled a toothless grin. "Are you sure? They make good pets to fallen angels." Aaron almost shook his head again, until he processed the sentence again in his mind. "How did you know I was a fallen angel?" The old lady put the Hedge Willy down into a deep bowl so that it wouldn't crawl away. "You fallen angels have a certain smell. Your type is very rare in this place, did you know that?" Aaron fought the urge to sniff his arm. "Uh, I'd better go."
  10. He started walking away as the old lady cackled, and then asked another passerby if they would like a Hedge Willy. Did fallen angels really have a scent? He asked himself. Aaron put on an annoyed look as he shouldered his way through the crowded streets. I should ask Drake or Jayden one of these days on how I really smell... ugh, why am I even thinking about this, I need to keep myself focused. There’s no time to dawdle. He thought as he made his way to a thinner crowd, where there was less bustle, and was about to walk past an alley when he stopped. He listened. Then he inched his way across the wall leading into the alley like a spider, and jumped from behind, ready to attack. But there was nothing there. What the hell? He thought. He was sure he sensed somebody lurking. Then there was a tap on his shoulder. Aaron turned around, and found himself face to face with a girl. She smiled at him with amusement. "Good sense you got there. Too bad I'm better." The girl flipped her brown hair out of her face over her shoulder and waited for him to respond. "Who are you?" he asked, still trying to collect himself. The girl laughed, like he was already supposed to know who she was. "I'm Sarah. And you are?" Aaron tried to read her, but it was no use. "I'm--" "Fallen angel? That's really impressive, Aaron." He gave her a look of puzzlement. "Seer." That made sense. "I have a feeling you'll need me," she added in. Aaron looked her over, trying to see if he could trust her or not. "In a matter of questioning, why would I need your assistance?" Sarah laughed. "Because you need a place to hide that ankle bracelet, and I know exactly where."

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