The Unforgiven and Unforgotten part 29

Hellow fellow gotoquizzers! You have no idea how bad I feel for taking five months to get this part out. I hope you guys aren't too mad at me. Sorry I apologize you know with family issues, school and the drama, boyfriend drama, and life, and then writers block to top it off. Eh it's done and over with and I'm happy to be back. I missed every single one of you guys and it kills me that I missed so much! I hope this part makes up for being gone for far too long. Again I apologize and I hope you enjoy.

Shane has light brown hair, emerald green eyes, pale skin, lean muscles, and a to die for smile. He's also a Vampire. Drake is the antisocial and mysterious type with his dark brown hair with natural blonde highlights, icy blue eyes, tan skin, two military dog tags around his neck, sexy body and sexy deep voice, and hot muscles. He's also a Werewolf. Omar is the funny yet smart one with his dirty blonde hair, bright amber eyes,and perfect muscles. He's an Immortal with powers. Aaron is sort of the leader type with his coal black hair, gorgeous golden eyes, fit body, lean muscles, and adorable dimples. He's also a Fallen Angel. Jayden is the trouble maker with his dark brown hair and red highlights at the tip, violet eyes, lean muscles and body. He's a Werewolf/Vampire hybrid.

Created by: Cometlight

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  1. Recap ~ Drake massaged his temples while Aaron and Shane tried to hold back their laughter. "Can we please get back to what we were talking about?" Drake asked, wanting to change to subject. They nodded and managed to regain their composure. "Alright sorry Drake where were we?" Shane asked. "I believe we were on when Mike mentioned that we can move to the Ortu Cinis. In my matter of speaking we are going." At the sound of my voice the guys snapped their heads up and looked at me. Their eyes widened and their jaws dropped. I smirked and crossed my arms across my chest. "Nice to see you guys too."
  2. "Holy." "I need someone to smack me." "Guess there's no knocking you down." All three voices consisting of Aaron, Shane, and Mike hit my ears all at once. Drake just simply stared at me with an expression I didn't recognize and warmness in his icy eyes. "Welcome back______." He said softly. I smiled and gave a small nod. "It's good to be back." I whispered and quietly entered the living room, everyone's eyes on me.
  3. I took a seat on one of the couches and pulled up a small pillow onto my lap, still noticing that all of the guys were strangely quiet. I rolled my eyes and looked at them, taking in all their shocked expressions, excluding Drake who was just shaking his head at the guys. Getting annoyed I snapped my fingers at them, finally managing to get their attention after a few moments. Aaron was the first to come to, rubbing his golden like eyes and blinking them rapidly as if trying to make sure that he wasn't just seeing things. Shane was looking down at the floor and fidgeting where else Mike was running his fingers through his hair in a distress matter.
  4. "Okay you guys are acting like I have just awoken from the dead." I laughed nervously, wondering and hoping that nothing changed, that I would have my regular, funny, go happy and lucky guys back. Shane snapped his head up and laughed, a heart- warming laugh at that. He sat up straight and looked at me with a sincere and happy glint in his eyes. "Sorry______, we're just...shocked that you're awake." He smiled and laughed to himself, shaking his head. "Out there in the woods, with the Hellhounds I- I didn't know what to do. I felt helpless and like I couldn't protect you, I should've protected you it's my job and I couldn't do that. I don't know what happened."
  5. I smiled sadly and nodded in understanding I remembered well of Shane's behavior towards Nex, he was severely afraid of her that it scared me. I never seen Shane scared before and knowing that Nex held that kind of power over Shane, I feared for what was to come. I entwined my fingers together and exhaled softly. I knew that now was my chance to tell them, tell them everything. Delgado, the ankle bracelet, what Nex told me, Klaus, everything. I sighed and ran my fingers through my hair, it was now or never.
  6. Aaron, noticing my nervous behavior, cocked his head to the side in questioning. "What's up______?" He asked, speaking for the first time after his moment of shock. I rolled my lips into my mouth and sighed in exasperation, frustration clearly radiating off from me in shall I say rather large waves. I wanted to tell them, but something was holding me back, preventing me from letting the words escape from my mouth. I knew it was now or never I had to do this, had to tell them. I was hiding things from them as they were hiding from me, though why am I holding back?
  7. I shook my head and erase the thoughts from my mind. Slowly raising my head up I looked at the guys, taking in all their worried and blank expressions. Gathering up all my courage, well what I had left, I pushed away all the negative thoughts in my mind and nodded to myself. "There's something I need to tell you guys, something that I've been keeping from you for a long time now." I said in a small voice. All the guys looked at each other, trying to see if any of them knew what I was talking about and most likely on whom was going to ask me what. It took a few moments before their silent conversation ended and Aaron asked the lingering, silent, golden question.
  8. "What is it______?" He asked. I sighed softly and looked to my leg. A small glimpse of one of the diamonds from the ankle bracelet twinkled against the sunlight. I fingered with the bracelet, allowing my mind to wander. Everything that has ever happened to me comes all right back to this very piece of jewelry. It's a miracle on how long I've kept this hidden from the guys, but the question, how much longer can I keep it hidden? No. The hiding, the secrets, the lies, it all ends here. Right here right now. Delgado sacrificed everything to give this to me and I'm going to make sure that nobody else gets there hands on it, though I can't protect it alone. To that I have to get the help and aid from the guys.
  9. Carefully and quietly I unclasped the bracelet from my ankle and removed it. I held it tightly in my hand, my eyes closed. I had to show it to them, I knew that. They had the right to know and the only way for us to go to the Ortu Cinis is if I show it to them. Inhaling deeply I grabbed an end of the ankle bracelet and held it up to the light for all of them to see, the crystals all shining a light sky blue, an aura of electric blue emanating from them giving off a very powerful vibe. All the carvings of the supernatural creatures from each side and each crystal seemed to come to life, every outline and trace could be distinguished and their power could be felt. The golden heart locket glowed brightly as the sun, a warm and pleasant vibe coming off from it, almost like it was drawing you in. The calligraphy writing on the back of it glowed deep amber and spread all around the locket in vine like designs as if incasing it in a hold.
  10. "Wha-." Shane was interrupted by loud thud. Everyone looked to see that Mike had fallen off from his seat and was on the floor, trying to get up by grabbing onto the coffee table. A sheepish smile wavered off from him as he got up. "Sorry uh I just- I-I, um well uh, is that really what I think it is?" Mike asked, completely flabbergasted. I shrugged my shoulders in a nonchalant like fashion, not quite sure on how to explain. Mike slowly walked towards me, his forest green eyes set on the ankle bracelet, his steps careful and precise but very slow as if he was afraid that the slightest wrong movement might cause the bracelet to break.
  11. "Where did you get it?" Mike asked as he reached out for the bracelet. With a swift movement I pulled my arm back and held the bracelet close to my chest, not wanting Mike to touch the bracelet. A strong feeling of possession overcame me, claiming ownership on the bracelet, not wanting anybody else to touch the bracelet but me. A loud growl pierced through my mind and everybody else's, startling all of us. "No one and I mean no one will touch that ankle bracelet besides_______ as long as I am walking, living, and breathing on this very earth. As proclaimed guardian and prophesized protector of the bracelet I advise you that if you wish to live and not have your eyes shoved down your throat and watch as I rip you to shreds, to not touch the ankle bracelet excluding________. Am I clear?"
  12. "I said, am I clear?" Starfire's threatening tone snarled through everybody's mind. Mike, Aaron, and Shane all vigorously nodded like bobble heads leaving Drake who just shrugged and nodded once in confirmation. I turned my head to the side to see Starfire, her head low and her eyes sharp and narrowed, glaring at all of the guys making sure her message was sent across. When she was satisfied she nodded and jumped down onto the couch, taking a seat right beside me.
  13. "Proclaimed guardian and prophesized protector?" I asked Starfire through my thoughts. She shrugged and flicked her tail, gazing at all of the guys. "I'll explain later." She replied. "Sorry Starfire I didn't mean to threaten the protection of the ankle bracelet, I just I don't understand how______ could have possibly gotten it. It doesn't add up." Mike said, scratching the back on his head in confusion. "He's right." Aaron spoke up. "The ankle bracelet has been missing for decades; it doesn't make sense on how it got into your possession______." He continued, rubbing his chin in thought.
  14. "Yeah that's what I want to talk to you guys about, I've been hiding too many things from all of you and it's killing me. Since the day I've met you guys I've been keeping things from you and right now I'm going to need your help. Though in the end, no matter what I tell you, you guys have to promise not to get mad because I know you will. Do you guys promise?" I asked, making eye contact with all of them. "_______, wha-." "Do you guys promise?" I interrupted Aaron, putting more strain into my voice to get my point across.
  15. All of the guys looked at each other, giving looks and hand gestures to one another. It wasn't long before they all looked at me. "Yeah we promise." They all said in unison. I smiled weakly and nodded, taking truth into their word. "Alright, let me start from the beginning."

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