The Unforgiven and Unforgotten part 2

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So who do you like so far? Aaron? Shane? Omar? Or Drake? It's up to you to decide and to follow your heart, I'll add the guys descriptions later but for now their pictures are in the results

Created by: Cometlight

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  1. You slowly began to wake up but you were to lazy to open your eyes so you decided to just listen as you started to hear voices. "Omar when is she going to wake up?" "I don't know but we're not going to be able to get close to her with that wolf hybrid around." As soon as you heard a voice say that you could feel a patch of fur beside you, you realized it was White Fang and tried your best not to smile luckily you succeeded and kept your eyes closed as well "Drake your part wolf, talk to the wolf hybrid and get him away from ______, at least distract him for a few minutes." You didn't hear a reply from anybody as somebody else said that, you then heard a sigh followed by the same voice "Fine I'll get him away myself." As soon as the voice said that you felt White Fang get up immediately and start growling
  2. You reacted fast without meaning to and grabbed White Fang by the fur on his back, as you knew what he's capable of doing when it comes to protecting you. You heard him whimper softly and nudge your hand with his muzzle, you opened your eyes and sat up, big mistake. Your head started bursting with pain and you cried out as the pain increased "Woah take an easy, it'll only hurt more." You looked towards the voice and noticed a hot guy, perfect tan, blonde hair, amber eyes, and lean muscles. He smiled at you but you jerked back out of fear and White Fang stood in front of you, growling. Blondie took a step back as White Fang jumped off of the bed and started moving towards him, he herded him against the wall along with two other guys. One was just staring at you with an unreadable expression, he had coal black hair, golden eyes, lean body, and dimples. Another one was beside him but he was just staring at White Fang without any fear, he had jet black hair but with blonde highlights, icy blue eyes, and a nice tan. "Where am I and who are you guys?" You asked with a hint of fear and anger, Blondie sighed and looked at you softly with his amber eyes "Call off your wolf hybrid and we'll tell you."
  3. You sighed softly but nodded. "White Fang stand down." White Fang calmed down as you said that and trotted over to you, he jumped onto the bed you were sitting down on and laid down beside you "Aright now tell me what's going on." You said getting more angrier, Blondie sighed and gave a small nod. "Well first off let me introduce ourselves, I'm Omar that's Aaron and that's Drake." He said as he pointed to the two other guys leaning against the wall "And I'm pretty sure you've already met Shane." He said annoyed as Shane walked into the room
  4. "Hey_______." Shane said smiling, you raised an eyebrow and looked at Omar. "What does Shane have anything to do with this." Omar raised one hand to try and calm you down. White Fang nudged your hand softly and you soon felt calm and relaxed, you never knew why he always had the affect on you. Omar smiled at you as he saw what happened. "I'm getting to that, but to make things easier have you ever felt calm and relaxed whenever White Fang touches you." He asked but to the sound of his voice it sounded like he already knew the answer. "Yeah why?" You replied, he smiled and took your hand you then felt a tingling sound inside you, White Fang growled but he let it slide "Well it's because White Fang has the power of Empathy followed by healing, electricity, mind reading, and pathfinding. Me, Aaron, Shane, and Drake are the same as well but we have different powers and some of us are supernatural beings."
  5. "There's no way, this is all a joke isn't it." You said but your voice sounded off edge, Omar looked at you with his bright amber eyes. "_______ we're telling the truth, I have the power of Ice, precognition, and animal mimicry." He said softly, he then looked over to Drake, Aaron, and Shane. They all gave a small nod except for Drake who just shrugged, Aaron stepped up "I'm a fallen angel-." Shane attempted to hold back a laugh but failed, Aaron shot him a look but continued on. "As I was saying I'm a fallen angel I can manipulate shadows, I have teleportation, and invisibility." He then looked over at Drake and nudged him with his elbow, Drake rolled his eyes and sighed but spoke up anyway "I'm a werewolf besides the strength, speed, etc. I also have the power of fire, mind control, force fields, and duplication." He said as he leaned against the wall again. Shane then stepped up "Of course I'm a vampire like Drake besides the speed, strength, etc. I have the power of wind, bone manipulation,and mediumship." He said as he smiled and you could see his fangs show
  6. You flinched seeing his fangs, Drake nudged him to knock it off and Shane stopped smiling no longer showing his fangs. Aaron looked at you then at White Fang. "Drop the act White Fang we all know that you still can." You looked at Aaron with curiosity and then you looked at White Fang who was still laying down beside you, he snarled and bared his fangs at Aaron. Aaron narrowed his eyes and glared at White Fang. "Enough White Fang we all know it's been years since you've last done it but we all know you still can." He said as he started to lose his temper, White Fang stood up and snarled even louder he raised his hackles and his fur bristled. "Maybe I don't feel like it." Your eyes widened as you heard White Fang, yes White Fang talk. He looked at you and then down at the ground. "Cr*p." He muttered lowly to himself
  7. Aaron smirked and kept his eyes narrowed. "I knew it now tell me why the hell did you try to attack us when we were trying to save______!" White Fang growled as he refused to talk now, Aaron who now completely lost his temper lunged at White Fang. Drake was the first to react and slammed Aaron against the wall before he could attack, he dragged Aaron outside and closed the door. You could hear them yelling at each other but could only make out a little bit of their argument "What the hell was that for Drake!" "You've already lost your temper enough, I've gone through this before and I know you remember what happened the last time!" You then heard the sound of glass breaking, you stood up to check it out but Omar was still holding you hand, he held you back and shook his head. "You don't want to do that, Shane go check it out and stop those two before they kill each other." Shane nodded and left the room, you sighed softly and sat back down you then looked at Omar as you've been meaning to ask him something. "So what powers do I have?" Omar smiled. "I thought you might ask that but we're not sure yet, we have to run some test first to find out." He said, you nodded and looked at the door as the yelling stopped. Omar stood up and released your hand. "Get some rest it's been a long day for you." He said softly and kissed you on the forehead, he then walked towards the door but stopped as he touched the doorknob, he turned around to face you. "Just a little secret about your room, it creates murals depending on your mood. A white lion mural when your angry, cheetah mural when your happy or neutral, wolf pack when your sad or depressed, and the others well let's just say you'll have to find out for yourself. Sometimes though they appear whatever animal you desire" He said as he winked at you and then left your room
  8. You smiled and shook your head as Omar left, you gazed around your room as you were distracted before so you couldn't exactly see the details. It was your dream room(bare with me please) that you always wanted, you gazed at the walls and saw that they were just plain white. You sighed but decided to try and make the walls create a mural, you closed your eyes and began to imagine a wolf pack. You opened your eyes and gasped as the walls were covered by beautiful murals of wolf packs, the one you loved the most was one that had a pack of wolves in the artic night howling to the night sky with the northern lights shining brightly. White Fang gazed at the murals and smirked as he looked at you "Nice imagination." You rolled your eyes. "Thanks for giving me the heads up that you can talk." White Fang shrugged but you could see his blue and green eyes shine with mischief and playfulness, something that you hardly ever see in White Fang. "I had no choice, if I showed you from the beginning you would've thrown me out and I had to protect you." You narrowed your sky blue eyes and looked at White Fang. "Protect me from what?" White Fang shuffled his paws and looked down. "I'm not allowed to tell you yet." You sighed and stood up as you walked towards the bathroom. "Yeah your very helpful White Fang." White Fang jumped off of the bed and smiled a wolfish smile "I know huh." You laughed lightly and closed the bathroom door, you brushed your teeth, combed your hair, etc. You opened the door and walked back into your room, you climbed onto your bed and went under the covers. White Fang leaped onto the bed and laid down at your feet, he yawned and placed his head between his paws he closed his eyes and soon fell asleep. You did the same as well and soon drifted off to sleep
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