Which would Fall for you-Angel, Vampire, Fairy or Elf (part two)

Hey guys!!! I got some good comments on my last quiz. Sorry they take a while to come out. But anyway. This is part two, and if you don't know what I'm talking about or don't know how to play then go back to part one.

Ok let's have a quick recap. So you were knocked out and kidnapped by four hot guys and now you're in this victorian mansion and you really want to know what the heck is going on. Pretty simple. Hope you enjoy this quiz, please rate and comment on it!!

Created by: xxdarkxx

  1. Ok so you hear a noise in the corner of the room and someone walks in. Who is it?
  2. Its frenchie (tanned blond guy). He looks really nervous. You raise an eyebrow at him. He walks forward nervously and rocks back and forth for a couple seconds before bursting out in that adorable accent, "I'm so sorry for last night but we had to take you or you might give away our identi-" he's cut off by 2 other guys walking in the room. Its emo and muscles. Emo says, "shut up, Carter, your just gonna scare her." Muscles rolls his eyes.
  3. Then the redhead walks in. He says, "Hi _____, I'm anthony. These are my friends Tanner (points to muscle guy), Miku (points to emo guy), and I think you've already met carter." You say, "nice to meet you, can I go home now?" Miku laughs. Anthony frowns and says, "we're sorry for our exhibition of force last night but we cannot afford to have our secret get out."
  4. Carter comes over and sits next to you. He picks up your hand. None of the guys look very happy about this. He holds your hand tight and says, "____, I'm a vampire. Tanner is a fairy, anthony is an elf, and Miku-"
  5. "And miku what?" You say. Miku steps out of the shadow. "I'm a fallen angel," he says. you are very confused, but these guys are dead serious. Either they're really good liars and they're pulling a really mean, really elaborate joke, or they're telling the truth. You decided they're telling the truth. You say,
  6. "I can prove it to you," says Carter. He brings his mouth slowly to where your neck is. Its so gentle, like he's kissing you, but you can feel something hard penetrate the skin.
  7. You really want to pull away but you can't move. None of the other guys will look at you. Carter eventually pulls away and smiles at you. You can't help smiling back, he's so sweet. He says, "your blood tastes so delecious. Thank you for letting me do that." He kisses your hand and walks out of the room. The rest of the guys look anywhere but you. Finally anthony says, "breakfast starts in fifteen minutes. see you downstairs." He leaves. Tanner had stormed out when Carter was sucking your blood. Miku winks at you and he leaves too.
  8. You notice that there's a trunk at the foot of your bed. You open it and see a whole bunch of clothes in there-you might as well change before breakfast. What do you wear?
  9. You go out of the room after finding the door. It takes you down a long hallway. Everything is so fancy and antiquish. It seems like its an old victorian mansion-and its HUGE. It takes you awhile to find the kitchen, so you're about ten minutes late to breakfast. When you finally get to the kitchen, tanner miku and carter look up and smile. Only anthony frowns.
  10. Ok, well that's it for today folks!! Hope you enjoyed this. See what happens next in PART THrEE!!!!!!

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