True Heart and Magic ~Part 2~

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Welcome to Part 2 of 'True Heart and Magic'!!!!! I hope you guys like it! And thanks for all the comments! I felt confident in my stories!Have fun!!!

MUST READ!!!!!!! Ok Well the photo is a hint on what's going to happen in Part 2. Also i screwed up on this one. I forgot the guys powers when I was typing it. It's in the description though. Sorry!!!

Created by: StarMaya

  1. Recap: The boys were about to tell you your powers when... You were being pulled into the floor. Creepy huh? Thanks for the comments! Now On with the Show!!!
  2. You watch as you sink into the ground, The terror in the guys eyes. You see nothing but then you see fire coming out of the ground and deep black souls moaning of cries. You see demons crawling the ground. You see the Demon dragging into HELL. She had long black finger nails and static black hair. She has a white dress down to her knees and deep brown eyes. She laughs as you see the terror in her eyes. (This is what I looked like last Halloween... hehe I looked creepy.)
  3. "Calm Child" Says the Demon as she laughs. You stay speechless as you stare into her eyes. You suddenly see her eyes get bigger and the darkness surrounds you. You wake up only to see yourself in a jail cell. You look around in caution and see nothing for you to sleep on. You hear footsteps coming toward you.
  4. You stare in amazement as you see a grim reaper looking thing with a vial in his hand. The vial has some kind of pink liquid. He starts coming toward you and you can see his eyes turn deep red. You try backing up as far as you can before hitting the wall behing you. As he gets closer, you try to kick him in the head but only to find out that he caught your leg in mid air. You gasp for a long time and the Reaper puts the Liquid into your mouth. You swallow hard and foind the room getting darker.
  5. You wake to feel you are being carried by someone... Zack. You look up at him to see worry in his eyes. You hear him say to himself,"Please don't let her die." You whisper to him,"I'm ok, Don't worry." You look up at his deep Hazel Eyes. He doesn't seem to hear you... So you fall asleep in his arms.
  6. You dream about _________. He's staring into your eyes. You smile at him as he leans in and the sun goes down. You start to lean in when...
  7. You see a bright red light in your eyes and you feel a pain in your chest. The light starts fading only to see all the guys staring at you. You look at them and say."What?" They get startled and tell you to not talk. You look around and see Cody working on the computer and Jake in a corner. You try reading the computer screen but it's to small. You look at Justin and Zack and you can see saddest in their eyes. You ask them... "So... What are your guys powers?" Justin is the first to answer.(Powers will be in the results. I forgot what I put but i'll say them in the comments. Sorry) "______, my powers are ____&______. Zack's powers are ____&_____. Jake's powers are ____&_____. Cody's powers are ____&_____." You stare in amazement and you start to see red again. You look around and catch a glimpse of a blue light coming toward you. You start to black out when you feel the pain in your chest again. You hear the computer monitors start beeping like crazy... then... nothing.
  8. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Who do you love?
  10. Please comment and rate! Love you all! See you next time on... 'True Heart and Magic'

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