True Heart and Magic

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Welcome to 'True Heart and Magic'!!!! This isn't my first series but I hope it's better! Yes it starts out differently but I hope it's different then the other Love Stories.

Have nothing else really to say sooo............................................................................................................................................ Have Fun@!!!!!!!!

Created by: StarMaya

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  1. OK... Just to let you know... This IS the beginning, just started it out differently. So please enjoy...
  2. "_____?" says a little boy. "_____, wake up." continues the little boy. "Is she awake yet?" ask a little girl. You start to open your eyes. "YA!!" Shouted the little boy. "Hey you guys"... you say. But they go quiet. Guys? The litle girl SHHHH you. You stay quiet and try to listen... You hear nothing. "What?" you whisper. "Someone's in your house _____" whispers the little boy. You stare at them, shocked.
  3. "What do you mean?" you ask. You look at the boy and girl but see them fading away. Then you realize your falling to a bed. "AHHHHHHHHH!" you scream You hit the bed hard enough to wake you up. You sit up so fast, that you get a head rush. You hold your head and look around. You catch a glimpse of your alarm clock and saw that it's 2:35 AM. You sigh and fall back on your bed. You start to close your eyes, when you hear a sigh... on the edge of your bed.
  4. You crawl slowly to the end of your bed... but see nothing is there. You look around in confusion. You are about to get up when you feel yourself being pulled INTO the bed. You try to scream but there's a cold hand on your mouth. You bite the hand and try to get up. You are about to escape when you feel a pain in your heart and faint backward.
  5. You are closing your eyes, when you see 4 guys come in a stare in shock. You see and feel one guy pick you up. You look toward your bed and see the other guys fighting a demon. The world starts to get darker and darker and darker but before you fall asleep... you see a blue light on your chest. You then fall asleep.
  6. You wake up only to be on a black couch. You roll on your stomach but fall off the bed. "Ow" you say quietly. As your about to get up, you hear footsteps running down stairs. You look at who is running down stairs and see 4 HOT guys staring at you. Before you can say anything, the guys run toward you and give you a bear hug.
  7. They let you go and you are speechless. You hear the guys giggle. You back up slowly and run down a long hallway. You keep on running until you run into one of the guys. They laugh and grab your hand. You try to release your hand but the guy has a tight squeeze. He brings you back and sets you down on the couch you fell off. You continue to look at the guys and shout "Where the Hell am I?!" The guys just laugh and one with Blonde hair says...
  8. "Well you see _____, you are in danger." You look at them in amazement. "um... Who are you guys?" you ask Black hair and Deep green eyes waves and says," I'm Jake" Blonde hair and blue eyes waves and says," I'm Cody" Brown hair and Gold eyes says, "I'm Justin" And Red hair and Hazel eyes says, "I'm Zack"
  9. "okkkayy. Why am I in danger?" you ask. "Well, _____ We believe you have powers..." says Cody.
  10. "Powers?!" you say kinda loud. "Yea, and we 4 have powers too." "But wh..." you begin to say but you feel yourself paralized in your seat and begin to feel faint. You see the guys run to you and pull you up as you get lower but...
  11. CLIFFHANGER! Hope you like it! Stay tuned for part 2! oh... Who do you like?

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