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Think you know the story of the Boy Who Never Grew Up? Think the Neverland lives in your heart? Oh sure, you may know the name of the pirate ship... but do you know the answers to THESE questions? Have at thee!

You better hope you're wallowing in fairy dust... for this quiz about the story of Peter Pan is not for the faint of heart. See if you have the magic to soar with Pan.

Created by: Peter Von Brown

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  1. What's the actual title of the novel?
  2. The name of the crocodile is:
  3. The crocodile is:
  4. What are the true directions to the Neverland?
  5. On which side is the pirate Captain's hook?
  6. True or False: At the end of the novel, Tink is dead.
  7. The correct spelling of Peter's female fairy friend:
  8. Who is NOT a member of the Jolly Roger crew:
  9. True or False: Peter Pan has pointy ears.
  10. Wendy's full name is:
  11. When unattached, Peter Pan's shadow...
  12. The Neverland is located...
  13. Boy fairies glow:
  14. True or False: Peter Pan keeps a gun in his lair.
  15. After flying away from home, Peter Pan lived in:
  16. Which site is the only one actually in the book?
  17. True of False: Captain Hook created his own smoking device.
  18. The Darlings, specifically, live in:
  19. Captain Hook's coat color is:
  20. Who is NOT a Redskin in the Neverland:
  21. Most fairies in the Neverland live:
  22. True or False: Wendy had a pet wolf in the Neverland.
  23. True or False: Captain Hook's eyes turn black when he's angry.
  24. Mr. and Mrs. Darling go out to dine at house number:
  25. True or False: Only Peter Pan can understand what Tink says.

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