True Heart and Magic ~Part 4~

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Welcome to True Heart and Magic ~Part 4 ~!!!!!!!!! I really hope you guys like it! It took literally 3 days to write this one! But I hope you guys like this one! Enjoy!

Quick shout outs to i_love_me and her cousin, pieiscool1, cats, and Alex13writer for commenting on my quizzes and making me feel like I can do this. This one is for i_love_me and her cousin. If you want the next one to be for you, then just say so and ill include you into this summary. Thanks again! Love you guys!

Created by: StarMaya

  1. Recap: Ok. You found out that your are the Princess of water and singing when you get hit by lightning, which weakens you. Jake tried helping you, when he got shocked. Your untouchable. *Dramatic Music*
  2. You feel a shock go through your body as you're looking at the guys. "______ we have to help you!" Shouts Justin. "Justin, I'm right here!" You shout back laughing. You smile the smile that makes the guys smile. "______, You just got shock by lightning. We need to take you to the lab." Says Zack. "You guys can't touch me or you'll get hurt." You look at the guys with eyes saying please. They look at each other and...
  3. And they start coming toward you trying to grab you. "NOOOOOOO!!!" you shout getting up and back off. "_______ You need to go to the lab and you can't touch the ground in the house or you'll shock the whole house." says Cody, sounding all scientific. "I don't care! You guys aren't going to carry me in there!" You shout as your backing away. You look at the water and you feel a pain go up your leg. "SH@%!!!" You yell grabbing onto your leg. "What? What happened?" Says Jake "Nothing, just stepped in a puddle." The guys look confused. "Aren't you Princess of Water?" Asks Justin. "Ya but lightning is our weakness because if we get touch by water it's like being in a bathtub with a hair dryer. It shocks the water and the water goes up your body, trying to heal you." You say as you walk away from the water.
  4. You keep backing up when you see the guys freeze and get angry. You get scared because you never seen them like that before. You stop moving and mouth,"What?" You see Zack reply and tell you to not move. You freeze and hear a laugh behind you. It sounds like a girl laugh. You turn around to see a 30 year old woman looking at you with evil in her eyes. She has long blonde hair that is straight. She has red blood shot eyes and an evil grin. She's a little taller than you. She reaches for you and says,"______, I've been looking for you." She grabs your wrists but she lets go. You know that you shocked her. "Oh, I see that you got shock by lightning. That sucks for you." She looks at the guys and says,"Someone is going to get hurt today." She laughs. She looks at you and you can feel yourself being choked and lifted. She then looks at the fence and you see the fence getting closer. You see Jake running toward you and the rest of the guys fighting the girl. Jake doesn't touch you but moves fence pieces away from you. You get up and ask, "Who is she?" Jake looks at her and says, "She's...
  5. "She's Sabrina, The person where protecting you from. She's the Queen of the Demons." You look back at Sabrina and the guys and it looks like Sabrina is winning. Cody is down. Zack is panting and Justin has his force field up. Sabrina looks at you and Jake and Jake looks at Sabrina and shots a fire ball at her. She smiles and looks at you. The fireball stops and starts coming toward you. You bend water to block it and it works but a shock goes through your hands. You wince at the pain and hold your hands. Sabrina's eyes get big. "_______ knows her powers, but because of the shock, it hurts to bend." she says laughing at you. "Even if i'm hurt, it doesn't stop me from hurting you." you say annoyed. "Oh, don't worry sweetheart. I'll get you and teach you how to over come that pain." She says disappearing into thin air. You feel the anger building up in you, but you ignore it and come running to the guys.
  6. You run to Cody first because he's the one that's down. His eyes are closed but he's breathing. You look around and Jake is helping Zack who is having trouble breathing. He's healing Zack so you have to heal Cody. You look around for something to heal him with and remember your necklace. You touch your necklace and take it off. You take out a drop of the water and put it on Cody's chest. The water droplet gets bigger and sinks into Cody. You feel a shock go through you again but you only wince. Cody wakes up and says Thank you. You nod and smile and Cody gets up. Now all the guys are up and looking at you. "What was that thing you did with Cody?" Jake asks. "Well. It was my necklace. It has healing water in it and I only need a drop to heal someone. You put back on your necklace and smile. You wince again as another shock goes through you.
  7. "Can you use the water to heal yourself?" asks Justin. You frown and shake your head. "No, I can't." you say "What? Why?" Asks Zack. "Well yes the water can heal anyone... anyone but Water benders. Otherwise, Cody would still be laying on the ground." You say sadly. "Well then, you still have to go to the lab."Says Cody coming toward you. you back."No, you guys can't touch me and I can't step into the house." You say kinda loud. The guys just stare at you sadly like they can't do anything. "Well, if you won't step into the house, then i'm staying out here." says Jake. He then walks over to a porch chair and sits down. The guys look at each other and nod. You look at them and laugh softly as they go join Jake. "You guys are crazy." You walk over to them and sit by them but still kinda far away so you won't touch them. You guys start to talk and the guys tell their stories. After like 2/3 hours, the sun starts to set. You watch the sunset and you can feel the guys watch you. You look back and their all smiling. Another shock goes through you and the guys frown. You Look down and see the pool. The guys start whispering. You look at them but they were gone...
  8. You look around and see theguys getting blankets and pillows out of the house. You smile and they all yell. CAMP OUT!!!!! You smile and they throw you a pillow. They pillow gets shocked. You look at the pillow as it stays still. You frown and say, "Guys, i'm going to sleep over here." The guys look at you and nod. You're almost asleep when you feel a blanket fall on you. You look up and smile as you see Zack put the blanket on you. The blanket gets shocked as well. He lets go fast and you frown. He starts to walk away and the guys are already asleep. You dream about your dad and how he must be so scared. You then wonder if he knows about the powers. You keep dreaming as you feel yourself being picked up. It shocks whoever it was but he/she doesn't put you down. You think it's one of the guys but as the sun rises, you see the guy has black hair with a red streak in his hair. He also has a scar by his eye. You look into his eyes and he has blood red eyes, just like Sabrina!
  9. "Well look who's awake." he says as he keeps walking. "Who are you and what are you doing?" You ask kinda scared of what he's going to say. "You don't recongize Sabrina's son?" he says harshly. Your eyes get big and try bending water but it's not working. " Don't try darlin. I gave you a shot so you can't use your powers." he says laughing. You look into his eyes and see it sparkling. "I'm Zeke. and my powers are controlling people. That's why you aren't squirming to get out of my hands." he says. "You look away and see that you're coming toward water...
  10. "What are you doing!" You scream which seems to wake up the guys. "______!" You hear Jake shout. You look at him running toward you. You scream as you feel yourself being thrown. "NO!!!!!" Shouts the guys. Zeke disappears withone final laugh. You suddenly hit the water and a painful shock goes through you. It starts at your feet and runs up your whole body. You can't hear yourself scream... only a long beeeeeeepppppppp in your ears. Your eyes are closed but you can see flashes of light in your eyelids. But then...
  11. You feel yourself stop screaming and you feel very weak but your not dead. You can't open your eyes though. You feel splashes of water around you and someone picking you up but it doesn't shock them. You lost the ability to move your muscles, even your eyelids. You feel voices but you don't know what their saying. You hear a door open and running. You just see nothing. You hear another door open and your being set down on something. You hear a bunch of beeps and clicks and you know your in the lab. You feel someone grab your hand and whisper...
  13. Please rate and comment! See you next time and if I don't get any comments, then i'll stop the series.

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