True Heart and Magic ~Part 3~

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Welcome to Part 3 of 'True Heart and Magic'!!! I hope you guys like it! It is longer than the last two for xxblutixx and other viewers. Thanks for commenting and rating!

MUST READ!!!! The photo to your left is a hint on what is going to happen. The sentences in Caps are the guys and real time and the words in normal font is you with your ***. This one is very important because you find out who you are and then you get hurt. Sucks but is entertaining! Enjoy!!

Created by: StarMaya
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  1. READ DESCRIPTION!!!! The description is very important this time because without it, you will be very confused. Recap: You were brought back to the lab after being stolen and forced to drink a weird drink in a vial... Poison. You were asking something when, you felt a pain in your chest and the computers started going crazy! then... nothing.
  2. FYI: I kept changing my mind on this one so if it sounds weird, it's because it took a while to straghten. Sorry!
  3. You then started getting your vision back but only to see your in front of a door. You open the door to see clouds all around you. You kneel down to touch it and it's real. The clouds starts evaporting so you just move forward... "_____?" You look up to see someone you recongnize... You know who it is. You take a deep breath and then you hear the guys. "CODY, WERE LOSING HER!!!! DO SOMETHING." You ignore it and get closer to the figure. "Mom?" You say with tears in your eyes...
  4. (Your mom died when you were 9 by mysterious things...) "Oh, my sweet baby girl." you mom says with tears in her eyes as well. "I CAN'T HEAL HER!!!!!" YELLS JAKE. "They really care about you sweetie." Your mom says. You nod and you see an image of the guys. They look scared and sad. You look at what their looking and realize that it's you! You look closer and see your not breathing and your eyes are closed. "Mom, Where am I?" "Your in heaven sweetie." She says smiling.
  5. HEAVEN?! Why am I here? What happen? "WE NEED TO BRING HERE BACK BY DOING TO SHOCK BUT ONLY 5 TIMES BECAUSE IF MORE WE CAN HURT HER." YELLS ZACK. "_____, you are special. You have incerdible powers. I was queen of... "CLEAR!" YELLS CODY. You feel a shock go through your body but you still see your mom. "What Happened to me?" you ask. "Remeber back at the jail cell, You were forced to drink this substance? well that was special poison. It feels like a pin in your heart and can kill you but your so powerful, it can't kill you unless it hits your heart, which it almost did. You pretty much died but i saved you from going to ACTUAL heaven." She says. "CLEAR!" YELLS CODY. You count in your hear,"Two." "You never got to finish your sentence... Your the Queen of What?" You mom looks down and says... "____, I'm the Queen of...
  6. "I'm the Queen of Water and Singing." You look at her bond shocked. "Does that mean that i'm the princess of Water and Singing, Mom?" "Yes." she says. "CLEAR!" YOU HEAR CODY YELL ONCE AGAIN. "Three." "Why didn't you tell me?" You ask. "Well,I never got the chance because I died." She says. "Ya, How did you die? No one knows. Your body just disappeared." You question. "You will soon find out."She says. "CLEAR!" YELLS CODY. "Four, last one." "Sweetie before you go, You need this." She Take off a necklace in the shape of a water drop and puts it on your neck. "What is it?" you ask. "Why it's a water necklace, it can heal anything and anyone. It also transforms you into the water princess. Oh ____ , That reminds me, When you get back to life, go to the pool and walk in it, you should be able to walk on top of it. Just stand on top and in 5 seconds, you will fall in a turn into the water princess. They guys might freak out but just tell them that I told you and they will back off. Also Don't get shock by lightning because that's our weakness. Never take off the necklace and I will be there with you the whole time, I will talk to you in your dreams and will be there when you fight her. "Fight who?" You shout. "I Love You ____ I will talk to you soon." "Mom,Wa..." "CLEAR!" YOU HEAR CODY LOUDER THAN USUAL. You start falling back to the lab and see your mom get smaller and smaller. The there's a flash and your back in the lab screaming...
  7. "AHHHH!!!!!" You scream and fall back on the lab bed, gasping. You open your eyes and see the guys staring at you. "What?" you ask Next thing you know your in a big bear hug with the guys. "Can't...breath...guys." You choke out. They let you down and they start asking you what happened. "Well, I passed out and then I was with my mom and she told me some stuff and i need to do something and... oh ya!" You Start to run down the hall and hear the guys yelling and following you. "_____, Wait! What do you need to do?" Shouts Justin. "You'll see" and you run out to the pool. It looks so calm, not even moving. You look up at the sky and there's dark clouds around you. You know your mom is looking. Your eyes water and you start to walk to the pool. You feel an arm grab you and pull you back. You look back and see that Jake and Zack are pulling you back. "Guys! I need to do this.!" You shout and get from their grasp. They turn around looking worried. "My mom told me to do this." You see the belief in their eyes and they back off. They get by the door and just watch. You nod and walk toward the pool. You touch the water and it feels nice. You touch to see if the necklace is there and it is. You take a deep breath and start toward the water. You take one step and you don't sink in. You take another and don't sink in. You look over at the guys and you can see their shock impressions. You see Jake looking worried and a little bit more forward then the other guys. (Since he seems to be a favorite.) You stand in the middle of the pool and look at the guys. You See them smiling but you know that their fake. You see the necklace glow and you fall in. You can here the guys calling your name. They try to grab you but can't reach you. You try to reach for them and realize that the top is frozen shut...
  8. Your running out of breath but realize you can breath and your in a bubble. You look at the buble and start to see water swirling around you. Soon your in a water bubble. You start rising back into the water with bubble still surrounding you. You can see the guys but they can't see you. You See them all befoundled.
  9. The Bubble starts to open up and the guys gasp as they see you. Heres what you look like. You have wavy hair with a crown with a white flower in it. You have blue eyeshadow on with sparkles. You are wearing a beautiful blue dress with a shay wrapped around one arm. It has a flower at the topand bead going down the stomach where it reaches 4 more flowers.It starts to flow down to the bottom and jewels sparkle on them. It goes down to you feet where their are blue sandals on you. IT IS VERY BEAUTIFUL!!!!! TRUST ME!!!!! I WISH I CAN GIVE YOU GUYS A PHOTO BUT I CAN'T! POO
  10. "_____, What happened?" Zack says. "You look beautiful." Says Jake. "You look like a princess." Says Cody. Justin just stares at you. You laugh and come out of the bubble and walk onto the concrete, where you change back except for the crown and your mom's necklace. You look down and smile. You walk up to the guys and say. "Actually, I found out that I'm actually the Water Princess and Singing princess." you say, waiting for an answer from the guys. They just stare at you. "HELLO!! Earth to dudes." you say laughing and they start to laugh. "How did you find this out?" ask Cody. Well, my mom told me and she said something else but i forgot." you say smiling.You shrug and start walking inside when you hear thunder.
  11. You start to walk inside when you hear thunder louder. You get startled and jump. "_____, What's wrong?" asks Jake. "Nothing, just got scared by the thunder." You say almost laughing to yourself. You and the guys start to walk inside when you realize you forgot your phone. "Oh hold on guys, I forgot my phone." you say running toward the pool. You look back and see the guys staring at you. You start to walk back when you hear the guys yell...
  12. You stay frozen and ask what, when you see Jake running toward you and you feel a shock in your body. You scream at the top of your lungs as you feel the shock go straight through your body. You fall to the ground and hit it hard.
  13. You stay frozen and ask what, when you see Jake running toward you and you feel a shock in your body. You scream at the top of your lungs as you feel the shock go straight through your body. You fall to the ground and hit it hard.
  14. You open your eyes and see the guys staring at you. Jake tries to reach down and grab you put he gets shocked. Your untouchable!
  16. Please comment and rate. Tell me if I should make the next one. Luv you all!

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