magic and boys part 16!

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Sorry for taking so long for this one coming out! I'm only alound 1 hour a day on he internet and i've been busy.......................................

This one is the most suckish one yet..i'm running out of idea's and again i'm really sorry! Comment and rate and take part 17! Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Created by: fireprincess1996

  1. You see Sam! "S-sam?" You stuttered trying to focus on her. "Don't talk.That only make's it worse." She says. "Mkay." You say and you close your eyes. You start coughing which you thought was a bad sign.After a couple seconds you felt fine but your head was pounding.
  2. You sat up and went into a coughing fit. "Oh i should have warned you that might have happend." Says Sam. "Ya think?" You say in between coughs. "Um ________?" Says Sam. "Yeah?" You say. "Theres a um huge spider on your leg!" She says. "WHAT?!?" You shreik and you look down on your leg and sure enough there was a huge spider on it. "GET IT OFF!GET IT OFF!GET.IT.OFF!" You scream and you stand up and start trying to shake it off. The guys are cracking up laughing and Sam is trying to get the spider off of you while laughing.
  3. "Okay its off!" Says Sam. You look at the guys. "Oh you think its funny?" You say. The guys didn't answer you cause they were laughing so hard.You can't help but laugh too and soon enough your down on the ground laughing like there's no tomorrow.
  4. You stop laughing and go into another coughing fit. "So where are we going now?" You ask in between coughs. "Back to the mansion i guess." Says Fang. You stop coughing and nod. 'I wonder if unicorns are real? Man that would be scary!' You look at Sam and bust out laughing. "Whats so funny?" She asks. You don't answer cause your laughing so hard.
  5. "Well i gotta go." says Sam. "Bye." You say still laughing. You heard a shimmering sound and a blue light then Sam was gone. "Well we should start heading towards the house." Says Fang. "Yep." You say agreeing with him.
  6. You guys get up and start walking. After a couple of hours you start yawning. The sky starts to turn black and stars start appearing. You guys finally reach the mansion and Fang opens the door.
  7. You walk into your room and you walk into your bathroom and start a shower. The water wake's you up a bit. When your done you crawl into your bed and fall asleep.
  8. And thats it of the worst Magic and boys quiz..Comment and rate and take part 17!
  9. blah
  10. bye

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