magic and boys part 3!

okay,this is part 3 of my series.If you don't know what i'm talking about then check out the first two quizes. So far there are three guys,Alex,Fang,and Max. which one do you like?

So you live in this mansion with these guys AFTER they kidnap you at the mall while waiting for your friend to get out of the bathroom! :P I hope you like the quiz! Byeeeee!

Created by: fireprincess1996
  1. 'okay that was really weird.' you thought. "_______,we have something to tell you." said Alex. "We do?" asked Max and Fang looked up. "Yes." said Alex. "No we don't." said Fang. "Yes we do!" Said Alex getting annoyed. "No we don't." said Max. "Quit stalling!" You say. "I want to know what Alex is saying."You add. "________,i'm a vampire." says Alex. your eye's widen.
  2. "I'm a werewolf." said Max. "And you already know what Fang is." Said Alex. "I do?" You ask shocked. "I'm a fallen angel." Fang mutters. "Oh." You say.
  3. "You have power's too.We just don't know what they are yet." said Alex. " got me." You say. They boy's look confused. "What?" asked Fang. "You're pulling a prank on me." You say. "No we're not." said Alex. "we're dead serious. said Max. You raise your eyebrows. "Prove it." You say. "okay." say's max and he turn into a wolf. Alex tilts your head and gently bite's your neck.Then Fang stands up and unfold's his wings.
  4. Once again your amazed. Your speachless. "okay so your telling the truth." You say while looking at Fang's blackish-purplish wings. "Well i'm otta here." says Fang.
  5. Fang gets up and goes upstairs.Your getting tired. Max seem's to notice because he said, "Here,i'll show you your room." "Who's room was I in when I woke up?" You ask. "Oh.That's Fangs room." He says.
  6. "oohhh." you say. You guy's reach a door and Max open's it. "Well here's you room." You look at the ______ paint.(choose any color of your choice) Your eye's widen when you see the big flat screen t.v. You see a radio and alot of cds.
  7. you see a door and open it. Behind that door is your walk-in closet! you see ton's of clothe's and shoes.You grab a pair of clothe's and go to your bathroom and strt a shower.(you have your own bathroom so the boy's won't walk in on you)
  8. after your done with your shower you sink in your bed and fall asleep.You wake up to shouts. "Why did we have to tell her this early?!?!?"You hear Fang shout. "What other choice did we have?!?" Alex shouts back. "I didn't even want her here but you insisted!" said Fang. You face fell when you heard that. "Fang you know we have to have her here! We have to protect her!" said Alex. "Whatever." said Fang.
  9. you get up and walk out of your room.You start to walk downstair's. Fang is already coming up the stairs. "Goodmorning." You mumble. Fang just look's at you and keeps on walking. You find the kitchen and sit down at the table. Max walk's in. "Goodmorning!" He say's cheerfully. "Goodmorning." ou mutter back.
  10. just then you hear glass shattering. You scream because you have glass stuck in your arm. Fang runs into the kitchen. "Fang! You know what to do!" says Alex. Fang nods his head and picks you up. He unfolds his wings and flys out of the broken window. You see four guys dressed in all black entering the house. You have no idea where Fang is taking you. You start to get tired again and fall asleep.
  11. okay guys,thats it for part 3! comment and rate! Peace! :)

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