magic and boys part 7!

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yo!This is part 7 of magic and boys!If you havn't taken the first 6 quizes then don't take this quiz and take 1-6 then come back for this one.I hope you like it!

which boy will you get this time?Which one do you like?Comment and tell me.Or maybe even rate?Have you ever tried to open a door but it wouldn't open and you were pushing not pulling and you thought the door was locked from the outside,but you pulled on the door and it opened? i have! It was embarrasing! Peace!

Created by: fireprincess1996
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  1. You see a man dressed in a blck ninja suit that makes him look kind of nerdy! "Get up!" He orders. You don't. "I said get up!" He shouts. "No!" You say. He's mad now.He grabs you by your hair and drags you down this hallway. "Let go of me!" You scream. People are starting to stare at you.
  2. you try to kick him but your hands and feet are ducktaped together.He opens a door and lets go of your hair. "Stay here!" He says. "Oh like I have a choice!" You say harshly. HE walks out the door.You look around the room.Theres a bedd in the corner,and a t.v. at the top of one corner.
  3. after what seemed like hours that one guy came back.He had a tray with eggs,hashbrowns,a fork and spoon,and milk. "Eat." He says and puts the tray in front of you. "I can't! My hand are ducktaped together. Remember?" You say. "As long as you don't try anything funny!" he says and cuts the tape.
  4. you cautiously pick up the fork and eat the eggs. "It's not poisoned you idiot!" He says. You look up at him in rage.All of a sudden a unexplained wind blew him to the wall.
  5. The door opens and another ninja dude comes in. "What was that noise." He asks looking at you. You don't say anything and continue eating your food. "that little brat pushed me agaist the wall somehow!" Says the first one.
  6. They both grab wrists and drag you back down the hall. "Where are you taking me?" You shout. They don't answer.They go through big double doors and the first thing you see is Janise!
  7. She smiles. "i'm so glad we can finally meet in person!" She says with the same girly accent from your dream. "Why am i here?" You ask. "Your here because I want you to be here." She says. "Thats not a real reson!" You say a little louder. "Honey showing confidence is going to get you nowhere." She says. 'Dang it!' You think. Then you remember Alex can read minds. "Alex!I don't know where I am but Janise is with me!' You wait to hear his thoughts but you don't hear anything.
  8. You look around the room. It was empty except the chair that Janise was sitting in. "Have you developed your powers yet?" asks Janise. "No." you say lying. "Thats a lie!" Shouts the one ninja dide that you pushed agaist the wall. "Is that true?" She asks. "No." You say. "Shes lying! She used the wind to push me up against the wall!" Said the one dude.
  9. "You stupid ninja! Can't you just keep you freaking mouth shut?!?!?!?" you scream and a big gust of wind blew him against the wall again. Janise looks at you in suprise. "Take her away!" She screams at the other ninja.
  10. They both grab your wrists again and drag you down a different hallway.They open a door and throw you in a room.Its completly dark.You close your eye's tears start streaming down your face. You concentrate on Janise's thoughts.
  11. 'Why does my little Jay hang out with someone like that?' You hear her think.You remember you had your phone in your pocket.You charged it the other day so it still has a full bettery.You open it and go to your contacts and call Jay.
  12. "Hello?" asks Jay. "Why didn't you tell me your mom was the head vampire?!?!?" You scream. "_________,where are you?" She asks. "I'm somewhere at your moms headquarters! Quit avoiding the question!" You shout. I couldn't tell you. She said if I told you she would do something bad to me!" She said. "So our entire friendship was a lie?!?And did you know she wanted my powers?!?!?" you say still screaming. "I didn't know that! I am so sorry!" she says. "oh save your smimpathy!" You say and hang up the phone.
  13. its freezing.You put you knees up to your chest and rock back and forth.After about an hour or so you start to losee hope. 'what if they never come and find me?' You think. and you slowly fall asleep.
  14. You wake up to shouts and screams.You find the ducktape that was still around your ankles and untied it. "Where is she?!?!?" You heard someone yell.The voice was familiar. 'Alex?' You thought and got up and tried to find the door.
  15. You find a doorknob and twist it.You see hundreds of ninja's lying of the ground unconsious. You slowly make your way down the hall. "You!" You heard someone yell. You turned around and saw a ninja. It was the saome ninja that ratted you out about your powers. You look at him in rage. "Well look what the cat dragged in." You say. He narrows his eyes and runs at you.
  16. You move out of his way and he hits the wall and falls to the ground.You can't help but laugh.You start down the hall again.You hear a high pitched scream that make you jump. You start running towards where you heard the scream.You see a woman with light brown hair lying on the floor with blood trickling out of her mouth.
  17. you step over her lifeless body and look around the room.There is more ninja bodys on the ground. You see somebody walking out of the room.You think its Alex,but your not sure.You silently walk behind him but putting some distance once in a while.
  18. He turns a corner. "Did you find her?" You heard him say. It was alex. Relief flood you. "Alex!" You say. He turns around and sighs in relief. Max and Fang come to look at who Alex was talking to.Fang comes up to hug you first,then Alex does,then Max.
  19. You guys walk through a door,only to find another hallway."This place is confusing." Says Max. "You got that right." You say. You hurt all over.Even your hair still hurts. Fang looks at you and his eye's widen. "_______!What happend to your face?" he asks. You raise your eyebrows. "Not like that!" He says. "I know.Those ninja's dragged me down the halls and threw me in a room." You say.
  20. You guys find another door and open it.Sunlight and fresh air pours in.You guys walk out and into the warmth. "How did you guys know I was here you ask "It was hard becausee for some reason I couldn't hear your thoughts here." Said alex. "Weird.I couldn't hear yours either." You say.
  21. You guys walk in silece for about two hours.It starts to get dark so you guys stop and make a fire.Your starving.Fang has a backpack.The same one as last time.You eat and warm up by the fire. "_______,tell us all that happened." Said Alexx
  22. you hesitate. "When i woke up my hands and feet weere ducktaped and i had a blindfold over my eye's.Some ninja dude took the blindfold off and told me to stand up.I didn't.He told me again.But i wouldn't listen to him.He grabed me by my hair and draged me down a hallway." You stop to take a breath
  23. You explain the rest.When your done the boys look really mad but they try not to show it.You start to get tiredd so you lay down.After a while you fall asleep.
  24. thats it for part 7! I hope you liked it! comment and rate k? Peace! :)

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