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So its part 24 of magic and boys..FINALLY! I'm so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so sorry if taking so so so so so so so so so so so long!

Please forgive me. Comment and rate and tell me which one you got..So i left part 23 with a cliffhanger.Maybe you know who it was...maybe you don't...

Created by: fireprincess1996

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  1. You saw a girl you didn't reconize. It wasn't Dulcesita. Gladly. But you knew nothing of this girl. "W-who are you?" You ask. "Don't you remember me?" She asks. You shake your head. "I've never seen you in my life." You say. She gets a sads look on her face but it passes as fast as when it came.
  2. "Don't you remember exploreing the woods with me? And gathering apples? And going on adventures?" The girl asked. The sad look on her face had returned. You shake your head again. "I don't know you. Why would i do those things with you?" You say. "But ______-" She gets cut off by Fang. "______! Are you okay?" Fang yells up the sairs.
  3. The girl looks back at you. "Tell him your fine." She says. "But-" You start. "Do.It." She says coldly while giveing you a death glare. You nod unsurely. "Yeah..I'm fine." You yell back. "Well hurry up." He yells. You keep looking at the girl. "Who are you and how do you know my name?" You say. She laughs. "I'm not telling you nothing. But if you should know,my names Jasmine." She says.
  4. "Who are you Jasmine?" You ask. "I'm Jasmine. Thats it." She says. "How do you know me?" You ask. "What is this? Twenty questions?" She says. You roll your eyes. "Just answer it." You say. "I don't want to yet." She says. You frown. "Why are you here?" You ask. She sighs. "We miss you." She says with a smile.
  5. You were confused. "Who's we?" You ask. "Stop asking so many questions." Jasmine says. "______! Whats taking so long?" Alex yells. "N-nothing!" You yell back. "They're getting annoying." Jasmine says. You started to hear footsteps coming up the stairs. Jasmine puts her arm around your neck. "Makes any sounds or try to use your powers and I'll kill you." She whispers in your ear. Your eyes widen and you nod.
  6. She starts dragging you to the window. "Unlock it." She says. "You have hands! Do it yourself!" You say. "Oh please ______. I'm not stupid. Once i let go of you and turn my attention towards the window you'll run." She says. "Damn." You mutter. "Let go of my neck so i can unlock it." You say. She smiles. "Thats better." She says and lets go of you.
  7. You unlock the window with shaky hands. "Now open it." She says. Your jaw clenches and you open the window. "______?" Alex says. "Tell him you'll be down in a minute." Jasmine whispers. You bite your lip. "I-I'll be down in a minute." You say. Your voice was shaking. You didn't know why you were so scared. "_______,are you okay?" Alex asks. "Yeah.I'm okay." You say.
  8. Jasmine puts her arm around your throat again. "Don't try to resist. You'll just make this harder." She whispers and starts climbing out the window. "How do you expect me and you to fit through this?" You ask. "I've got my ways." She says with a smile. "It really is a shame you don't remember me." She says with pain in her voice. You roll your eyes again. "I don't remember you because I don't know you!" You say a bit too loud.
  9. "Who don't you know?" Alex asks from out side your door. You hadn't realized Jasmine shut it. Jasmine glares at you. "Um...No one." You say. "Okay. Whats takeing so long?" Alex says. You were about to say nothing when Jasmine pulled you out the window. You were suprised so you started to scream. Jasmine covered your mouth and you both hit the ground.
  10. You groan. "get up!" Jasmine yells and stands up. You do as your told and she grabs your arm tight and starts running. "Where are you taking me?" You yell. Jasmine ignores you and keeps running. You try to pull away from her grip but it tightens more. Your arm feels like someone stomped on it with cleets. You yelp and Jasmine starts dragging you. "Get up and run!" She says. "No." You say.
  11. She stops running and frowns. Than she closes her eyes. "What are you doing?" You say and try pulling away again. She doesn't answer you. She opens her eyes. "Since your not doing what I tell you,we're going to teleport." She says and smiles. "I can borrow other peoples powers for a certain amount of time." She says and your eyes widen. She had borrowed some of your teleportation power.
  12. Jasmine closes her eyes again and than you appear in a white room. You look around and see familiar people. Than your eyes stop on the chair and the woman sitting in the chair. Your eyes widen. It was Janise. Jasmine works for Janise. Janise smiles. "Thank you Jasmine." She says. Jasmine nods and doesn't let go of you. Janise looks at you. "Its nice to see you again." She says. You growl at her.
  13. "I hope you'll be more cooperative than last time?" She says. You don't answer her. You were too busy trying to read the guys' thoughts. You decided to read Janise's thoughts. You couldn't read them so you assumed she was blocking you. You look at Jasmine. Jasmine smirks at you. You look back at Janise. "You know Its a shame Jay isn't here." She says.
  14. You jaw clenches. "Leave Jay out of this!" You yell. Janise laughs. "How can I leave my daughter out of this when one day she's going to be like me?" She says. You don't answer her. "Take her away." Janise says. Two men grab your arms and start dragging you out of the room. You start screaming and kicking. "Let me go!" You shreik. But they just keep dragging you.
  15. They threw you in a cell and locked it. "Someone let me out!" You yell. The two men walk away. "Let me out!" You yell again. But its no use. You sigh and sit down. You tryed to entertain yourself by drawling in the dirt. But your still bored. You start to hum a song.
  16. You hear footsteps. You look up and see Jasmine standing in front of your cell. She smiles. "Its fun seeing you like this." She said. You roll your eyes. "What do you want?" You ask. "Don't you want to know who I am?" She asks. You nod. "Well,I was hopeing you'd remember but,I'm Jasmine Hall." She says. "And...?" You say. She smiles. "And me and you have known each other since we were little." She says. You were suprised. "And...?" You say again. She smiles even more. "And I'm your cousin." She says. Your eyes widen.
  17. Okay thats it for part 24.! I'm really really really really really really REALLY sorry for taking so long. I don't know why i did but at least its out now right? Comment and rate. :)

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