magic and boys part 22!

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Its part 22! YAY! Summer time! Whoo! No school! No rules! Okay...maybe a few rules...Staying up late and sleeping all day. Swimming,camping,fishing...

Which guy do you like? I hope you like this...Its not really long.I tried my best...Comment and rate and tell me which one you like....................

Created by: fireprincess1996
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  1. You were in the kitchen.All of you were. "Alright. _________,is it okay if Dulcesita sleep's in your room tonight?" Asks Alex. "Nope." You say. "And what about you Dulcesita? Are you okay with that?" He asks her. "I'm cool with it." She says. "Well i'm tired..See ya all in the morning." You say and walk upstairs. Dulcesita is following you.
  2. You show Dulcesita where everything is and you open your bedroom door. Dulcesita walked straight to the bathroom and you put a blanket on the floor and layed down.Dulcesita walked out of the bathroom and walked in your direction.She stopped and looked around.
  3. Dulcesita started walking again and triped over you. "AH!" She yelled and fell to the floor with a thump. You started laughing and sat up. You walked to the light swich and turned it on. "Are you okay?" You ask. Duclesita started laughing too. "Yeah.Sorry about that." She said.
  4. "No.Its fine." You say. You yawned and turned back off the light. "Why are you sleeping on the floor?" Duclesita asked. "Well,I thought you might wanted the bed." You say. Duclesita smiled. "Oh,thanks.You didn't have to do that." She says. You layed down. "Your going to bed already?" She asks. "Yeah." You say. "Don't you want to go on a walk?" She asks. "I don't know...Maybe.Why?" "I just got free from that place! I want to explore!" Dulcesita says.
  5. "Well...We'll have to ask and I bet the guys are already asleep." You say. "Please? We won't have to tell them." "What? You mean sneak out?" You say. "Of course." Dulcesita says back. "Well..." "Please?" "Okay." You say and get your shoes on. "Thank you so much!" Dulcesita says and hugs you.
  6. You smile and hug her back. "Your welcome." You say. Dulcesita get's her shoe's on and you open the window. Its squeakes and you look at the door. Dulcesita put's her finger up to her mouth. You nod and open it fully. You climb out and cling to a tree branch.
  7. "Okay.I think your gonna have to fall." Whispers Dulcesita. "What?!?" You almost scream. "Shh!" Dulcesita says. "Oh yeah." You say. "You have to let go of the branch." Dulcesita says. "No way!" You say. "Then your just gonna be stuck there and get caught." Dulcesita says. You think about it...
  8. "Okay." You whisper and swallow. You let go and free fall. You forced yourself not to scream and you hit the ground. You moan. "Are you okay?" Dulcesita asks. "Yeah." You say and sit up. You move your hair out of your face and run your finger's through it. Dulcesita come's down. She lands right next to you. "Ow." she whispers and sits up. "You okay?" You whisper. She nods and stands up.
  9. You do the same. "Come on." Dulcesita says and starts walking towards the woods. "I'm coming." You say and walk after her. "So,where do you plan on going?" You ask. "Anywhere." She says. "You do plan on comeing back right?" You say. "Right." She says. You sigh in relief. You both enter the woods and walk around.
  10. You look up at the full moon. The warm breeze make's you shiver. You look at Dulcesita. Her face is in awe. "This is amazing." She says and looks at you. "Not really...Its just the woods." You say. "I don't care..I'm finally free." She says. "Not for long." Says a voice. You both whirled around and saw....
  11. That's it for part 22! comment and rate!

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