magic and boys part 19!

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Okay,part 19! Whoo! Now i know what your thinking. "What took you so long! I almost died of waiting! Have you lost your mind?!?!?!?" And i understand that.

I'm really sorry for taking so long! I got grounded and the time limit and school-oh school! I've got like five more days so i'm hoping i can make these faster!

Created by: fireprincess1996

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  1. okay recap-you won sword fighting and walked back towards the mansion right?
  2. You were the first person to walk in the house.You opened the door and heard footsteps.You instantly stoped and the guys looked at you. "Whats wrong?" Asked Fang. You put your finger to your lips. "I hear footsteps coming from inside." You whispered.They looked suprised.Fang narrowed his eye's,Max growled,and Alex snarled.
  3. You walked quietly in the house and you walked upstairs. You hid behind a door. "They've been here recently.I can smell the girl." You hear someone say.It sounded like a boy. "Once we catch her and bring her back Janise will be so pleased with us!" Says another.This one is a girl. You had no idea where the other's were.
  4. Your eye's widened and your body started shaking. "Hey,do you hear that?" Asked the boy. "Yeah,sounds like something moving." says the girl. 'stop shaking!' you screamed in your head. You forced your body to stop shaking and you tried to stay as still as possible.
  5. "God! When are they gonna get back?" asked the girl impatiently. "I don't know but when they do,they'll never know what hit them!" says the man. "And when they do i'll grab the girl and squeeze her little neck and suck all the bloo-" the girl says but got interupted by the man. "Janise said to bring her alive!" He says.
  6. This made you angry. You came out from behind the door. "Looking for me?" You snarled. The girl and man were suprised but smiled. "Well look who was hiding behind the door." He says and touched a stand of your hair. You pushed his hand away and kicked him. "Hey!" Yelled the girl and she pushed you.Now you were by the stairs. You punched the girl causeing her to stagger back.
  7. The man looked at you with bloodshot eyes. He grabed your wrist.You pulled back trying to get free.You heard more footsteps downstairs and glass breaking.The man's grip only tightened.You started screaming.
  8. All of a sudden you saw a black flash and you were in a cell.Your hands and feet were tied and you had ductape over your mouth.You heard a laugh and footsteps.
  9. You looked around.It was pitch dark except for the moonlight coming from the window. 'A window!' you thought but when got a better look at it your thoughts changed.The window had metal bars.
  10. The footsteps got closer.Your heart raced. 'Who is it?' you thought.the footsteps were even closer and someone steped out of the shadows.Your eyes widened and your heart droped. 'Oh on...' you though.
  11. Thats it for part 19! Comment and rate! :)

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