magic and boys part 23!

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Sorry for taking so long.But,it finally came out. In this one there will be a suprise.And maybe some mystery...And maybe some...Well you'll just have to find out.

You'll find out a secret...Maybe you'll feel betrayed....maybe...Maybe I should just stop giving you hints >:) Um...Comment....rate....and most of all....ENJOY!!!

Created by: fireprincess1996

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  1. It was sam. "Sam?" You said. "______! She's one of them!" Sam said. "Don't listen to her.She's lying." Dulcesita says. "What are you talking about?" You say. "Dulcesita is a traitor! She works for Janise!" Sam says and looks at Dulcesita in diguest. "How do you her?" You ask. "She's my sister.And she betrayed our whole family." Sam's says.
  2. Dulcesita laughs then snarls. "Why would you care? You were alway's the perfect one! Mom and dad loved you!" She says. "Don't even go there! You alway's wanted to be the center of attention! No matter what! And Janise and her bloodsuckers locked you away! How is that understanding?!?" Yelled Sam. "It doesn't matter now! The girl's mine!" Dulcesita smile's.
  3. You start to back away. "Where do you think your going?" Duclesita asks and grabs your arm. Her grip was freezing cold and your arm grew numb.You couldn't move. "Dulcesita! Stop!" Yelled Sam. "No way!" Dulcesita said and ran dragging you with her. You started screaming. "Let go! Dulcesita! Let me go!" You yell. Dulcesita looks down at you. "Shut up!" She says.
  4. "No! Not until you let go of me!" You yell and the wind picks up. She glares at you and is still running. You hear sam yelling. "I guess i'll just have to make you shut up." She says and smiles bitterly.Your confused. Dulcesita stops and grabs your shirt and pulls you off the ground. "Sweet dreams." She says and your whole body goes numb. You blink.Your unable to speak or move again.All of a sudden your on the ground and Sam is fighting with Dulcesita.
  5. Warmth regains in your body and you stand up. Your dizzy. This was too much to take in. You try to find Sam and Dulcesita. Dulcesita has Sam pinned down. Something shiny catches your eye. A knife. Its by a tree. You run over to it and pick it up. "______! Don't!" Sam yells. But it was too late. You picked up the knife. The knife was super hot. It burned your hand. You screamed and dropped the knife.
  6. Dulcesita charmed it. You looked at the white burns on your hand. "Foolish idiot." Dulcesita said and ran at you. Your fists clenched and caught on fire. Dulcesita was right in front of you now. You put your hands out in front of you and you felt Dulcesita's skin. She screamed. You pushed Dulcesita and she flew.
  7. Dulcesita screamed and hit a tree. Sam stood up and ran over to you. "Thats still not gonna stop her. We have to go.Now!" Sam says and grabs your hand. "Where are we going?" You ask and start running also. "The mansion." Sam says and continue's running. Your heart dropped. "Um..." You say. Sam looks at you. "What?" She says. "Well...I kinda left without asking..." You say.
  8. Sam looks at you and blinks. "_____!" She says. "Sam!" You say back. She looked around. "Just..Come on!" She says and runs faster. You look nehind you and see Dulcesita running after you both.But slightly limping. You turn back to Sam. "Run faster!" You yell and you both speed up your pace.
  9. The mansion come's in sight. You can hear Max,Alex,and Fang's thoughts. "MAX! ALEX! FANG!" You scream. Sam looks at you. "What? The could be sleeping." You say and Sam laughs. All of a sudden you trip over a log and you feel pain in your ankel. "______! Are you okay?" Sam asks and looks back at Dulcesita. You shake your head. "No." You say and also look back at Dulcesita. She was getting even closer now. "Can you walk?" She asks. "I don't know." You say.
  10. "Um..." Sam said impatiently. Then you remembered. "Teleport!" You yell. "What?" Sam asks. "I can teleport.Its a new power." You say. "Oh.Well do it!" Says Sam. "Okay,okay." You say and close your eye's. You feel a pulce of electricity flow through your body. "Where were you!" You hear Alex say. "And why is Sam with you?" Fang asks.
  11. You open your eye's and see Max,Alex,and Fang looking at you.They seem mad but no too mad. You laugh nervously. "Hey guys." You say. "Dulcesita is a traitor!" Sam says. "What?" Alex asks. "Dulcesita is Sam's sister and she's working for Janise." You say. Fang,Alex,and Max's jaws dropped. "Your joking right?" Max asks. "No! And we don't have much time!" Sam says. "We were just running from her!" You add.
  12. "What?!?" They all yelled in unusion. "We gotta lock the doors and windows." Sam said. "Uh oh..." You say. "What?" Fang asks. "Well my window's" You say. "______!" Sam,Fang,Alex,and Max yell. "Sam! Fang! Alex! Max!" You say. "Just go shut it." Alex says. "Kay." You say and run upstairs. You slam your door open and turn on the light. You look at the window.Its open to where you and Dulcesita left it. You hurry to your window,close it,and lock it. "Well,look who showed back up." You heard someone say. You froze.
  13. You slowly turned around. You gasped.
  14. Okay,you probably know who the person is...But then could be wrong...I guess you'll just have to find out in part 24! Comment and rate!

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